Keep Your Beard Looking Great with Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm 2oz

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March 14, 2021
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At Don Juan Pomade, we are renowned for our expertly crafted pomade products, but we also offer some of the finest beard care products on today’s market.  Like our pomades and other haircare formulas, our beard products are made strictly with plant-based ingredients that deeply nourish and enhance the health and shine of the facial hair so that you can actually benefit your beard with each and every daily use.

Today, we will be focusing on our latest addition to our beard care lineup, Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm.  It comes in a 2oz jar and is perfect for all facial hair types.  Allow us to explain what makes this beard balm so exceptional, after we discuss what our beard balm is actually for.

Who Needs Beard Balm?

A lot of guys think that they do not need beard balm, until they finally get their hands on one and see how it is capable of taking their beard to a whole new level of style.  Beard balm is the perfect addition to any guy’s beard care routine, and there really is no beard on the planet that cannot benefit from a daily application.

Many guys wonder how beard balm differs from beard oil.  Beard oil is strictly for adding moisture to the beard, which is absolutely crucial.  Beard balm adds even more moisture on top of that, along with the ability to style the beard.  The right beard balm formula can manage frizz, keep the hairs going in their proper directions, add volume and texture to fine hair, provide ample shine and generally keep things looking neat, tidy and perfectly styled.

What Makes Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm So Bearded Awesome to Use?

Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm is a daily-use beard balm product that can do wonders for your beard.  Not only does it style the beard perfectly, but it keeps that style all day long while providing loads of nutrients and moisture that go deep beneath the cuticle and into the follicles.

Natural Ingredients

Like all of the products at Don Juan Pomade, our beard balm formula consists solely of plant-based ingredients that are carefully selected for the ways in which they benefit the beard, follicles, and skin.  Ingredients like lanolin, castor oil and jojoba oil provide the perfect consistency while the overall balm is free of harsh chemicals, additives, and synthetics of any kind.

Exceptional Hold

We carefully developed our beard balm formula to ensure that you only need to apply it once in the morning to enjoy long-lasting style.  It keeps everything in place with expert hold, all while not producing a crunchy or weighted-down look that so many other styling products are notorious for.  When you’re ready to start over, simple wash your beard with your favorite beard wash and apply the beard balm again the next morning.

Great for All Beard Types

We made sure that our beard balm is compatible with all types of facial hair: thin or thick, fine or coarse, straight or curly.  We know that each beard is unique, and has its specific needs.  Our formula can help tame fizz associated with coarse or curly hair, while plumping the strands of thinner, finer beards that need a little help in the volume department.  It can make straight facial hair look more textured, while it can keep curls defined if you have a curlier beard style.

Nourishing on a Deep Level

Packed with ingredients and moisture, this beard balm can greatly enhance the overall condition of your beard.  It offers intensive hydration, which is something that facial hair can never get too much of, along with vitamins that work directly with the follicles to improve the manner in which the hair grows.


We made sure to create a formula that is completely non-irritating to the skin.  We know that a lot of men out there have sensitive skin, or skin that is allergic to certain ingredients.  Our gentle formula will keep the skin feeling its absolute best, as it’s free of any harsh ingredients known to cause inflammation or irritation of any kind.

Intoxicating Coconut Blood Orange Scent

You will fall in love with the coconut blood orange fragrance that we have created, which offers a tropical escape to mundanity and an uplifting experience from the zesty, bright and sweet citrus.

Weightless and Non-Greasy

Our beard balm has a weightless, non-greasy feel that is incredibly natural.  You won’t have to deal with a beard that looks oily or wet or feels heavy because of too much product.

How to Use the Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm for a Flawless and Healthy Beard

To use Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm, simply scoop out a small amount with your fingertips and rub your fingers together.  Comb through your beard until the product is evenly incorporated.  You can use this beard balm once each day.

Simply put, Don Juan Coconut Blood Orange Beard Balm is the perfect addition to your beard care regimen.  Great for daily use, it moisturizes, and nourishes the hair while preventing irritation.  And, it has what it takes to keep all beard types looking and feeling their best all day long.