Spring is in the Hairstyling Air

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With spring in the air, and many of us finally in a position where we can socialize a bit more than we did in 2020, many men are feeling that it’s time for a big change – a new hairstyle.  After the long, heavy days of winter are behind us, a lot of guys feel a strong desire to change their hair to be more fashionable and attractive.  After all, spring is a season in which many of us guys want to look more good-looking in anticipation of getting out more and meeting new people.  So, it really is the perfect time to change up that hairstyle.

In fact, a trip to the barber can give you the hairstyle of your dreams, but your barber’s work is only going to get you so far if you can’t maintain the look each day with our pomade.

Spring Hairstyles to Try with Don Juan Pomade

At Don Juan Pomade, we encourage guys to find their own personal style without feeling pressured to “fit in.”  We know that each man has the ability to express his unique personality with his hair.  That’s why we’re going to cover a variety of hairstyles, so that each guy can find one that really captures his essence.  All of these hairstyles can easily be done by just about any barber and can be maintained very simply with a little scoop of our good old Don Juan Pomade formulas.

#1: Return of the Crew Cut

2021 is seeing the return of the crew cut, which had all but disappeared from public eye for over a decade.  Many men are rejoicing, as this hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain, and doesn’t look like a disaster on the one day that the pomade jar didn’t make it into the morning routine.

A crew cut requires limited upkeep, and your pomade use will be limited here.  Just take a small scoop and comb it through the front of the hair, using your fingers to comb the hair in an upward and forward position.  You don’t need to choose a pomade with a lot of hold, since the hair is cut in a way that will support this style easily.

#2: The Super-Trendy Undercut

The undercut is for the fashionably conscious male who wants to be on top of the latest trends.  The good thing about the undercut is that most of the hair is kept short, except for that which is on top, which can be styled differently on each day to suit your mood.  And, our pomade will help you achieve whatever style you wish to try out.  Because most undercuts involve hair that’s fairly long up top, a pomade with a better hold might be necessary for more structural styles.

#3: A More Conservative Fade

The fade has been in style for a while now, but a more conservative version has emerged, known as the low fade.  It’s a look that’s more subtle, and less likely to make it look like you’re trying to be trendy.  Most guys use a little bit of pomade to create texture on the top, and you can do this easily by dipping your fingertips in some pomade and tousling the hair in different directions to make it look effortless.

#4: An Edgy High Fade

High fades are still a good look, and they’re flattering with any length up top.  If the hair up top is longer, some pomade can help keep things in place so that the entire look is cohesive.  Depending on the style you want to achieve above the fade, choose your pomade based on the hold that you’re going to need to keep it in place throughout the day.

#5: The Always-Flattering Side Part

A side part looks good on just about every guy and is the favored look among professionals.  And, with pomade, that part will stay in place perfectly throughout the day, even while you’re at the gym.  Simply apply some pomade throughout the hair, and use your comb to make a clear part on the side.  The pomade will help you separate the part easily, and keep it separated until it’s time to wash it out.

#6: The Y2K-Era Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is coming back, as are all things circa 2000.  It’s an incredibly easy hairstyle to maintain.  Simply apply a little pomade to the bangs and use your comb to brush it down over your forehead.

#7: Tousled and Easygoing

A tousled look will never, ever go out of style, and is great for guys who are growing out their hair and wish to avoid that awkward stage.  Simply rub a good amount of pomade between your fingertips and use the pomade to create a non-uniform look in which the hair looks like you woke up with perfectly texturized hair.

#8: The Classic Slicked Back Look

Finally, the slicked-back look remains a favorite among our customers.  Our high-shine, heavy hold formulas allow you to effortlessly comb that hair back and keep it in place for hours at a time.

Allow Yourself to Have the Best Springtime Hairstyle Possible

No matter the hairstyle you wish to achieve this spring, Don Juan Pomade can help turn that hairstyle dream into a reality.  With a variety of hold and shine levels, we have your back as you reemerge into the world with a fresh new look.  Choose the hairstyle that appeals to your personal preferences and allow us to do the rest of the work for you.