What Makes Beard Competitions So Appealing?

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Do you devote a lot of time to growing and maintaining a magnificent beard? Well, we understand then, that you’d like some recognition for your efforts.  Growing a fabulous beard is a way to enhance your personal style while displaying your masculinity.  So, it only makes sense that you want to be commended once in a while.  If you want to feel appreciated for your glorious beard, we strongly recommend checking out the world of beard competitions.  Yes, you read that right.  Around the world, there are hundreds of beard competitions that exist solely to celebrate the most astounding beards in the world.  And, there’s no reason why you can’t enter and see how far you get.

What is a Beard Competition?

A beard competition is pretty self-explanatory.  The average beard competition has multiple categories, with each category being judged by a panel of beard experts.  Categories can include everything from best handlebar mustache to best natural beard.  In other words, it doesn’t matter what style you’re rocking as there’s definitely a category that you can enter.

What Makes a Beard Competition So Appealing?

Beard competitions are appealing to so many men because they allow a man to feel recognized for the time and care he has put into growing and maintaining his unique facial hair style.  Many men spend loads of time, money and effort to rock a flawless beard that enhances their personal style.  Most bearded men devote a certain amount of time each day to grooming and applying product.  So, why wouldn’t these men want to be rewarded for their efforts?

How is a Beard Competition Judged?

A beard competition is judged in the way that any competition would be.  Basically, you arrive at the competition and allow the judges to see and possibly feel your beard.  Then, they’ll rate you according to a numerical scale, often taking many different factors into account such as the health of your facial hair, the length of your beard and the uniqueness of the style.  Once those scores are revealed, you’ll find out the winner.  If it’s you, you’ll most likely come home with a pretty nice prize, not to mention serious bragging rights.

What Else Makes Entering Beard Competitions Well Worth It?

Beard competitions are often held like conventions, meaning that there’s lots to do besides get judged for your beard.  Many of these competitions are actually held in convention centers, and when the competition isn’t taking place, participants can explore different booths in order to learn more about beard care.

Additionally, many of these competitions take place in great locations.  So, if you’ve been having a hard time figuring out where to go on vacation, just check out which beard competition location is closest to your travel-related ideals.

And, of course, you’ll meet lots of beard experts and fellow bearded men with whom you can exchange tips and tricks of the trade.

Great, Now How Do I Enter?

First, you have to choose which beard competition you’re interested in participating in.  A simple Google search can show you all of the competitions that are taking place in the near future.  Once you’ve picked out which one you’re interested in, simply follow the submission instructions.  Be prepared to send a photo of yourself to the submissions team.