Our Story

Don Juan Pomade and it’s full line of Supreme Men's Grooming products began in late 2013 in the hot and humid Miami Beach, Florida climate. After years of working and selling several competitor products and brands, 2 entrepreneurs and Italian immigrants decided to challenge the booming men’s grooming industry and it’s product offerings by flat out raising the standard of excellence.

With deep passion, experience, and the interest/guidance of some well-known professional American Barbers, their concepts and desire for a top quality, organic, and vegan brand was in motion. Through trial, error, experimentation, and a clear understanding of what they wanted, they began working in unity with top chemists to include the ingredients they knew would be effective in taking it’s Don Juan label to a higher performance and fragrance level.

From their Don Juan water-based pomade, to their finely tuned, tested, and researched collection, the 2 tireless Italians knew that they had created something special, affordable and meticulously crafted to make you look and feel Eternal.

Don Juan is a tale of two childhood friends who grew up in a small town located about 100 miles south east of Milan, Italy by Lake Garda.

At the age of 20 they started traveling throughout Europe and met a friend that helped them move to California. They landed in San Diego where they began surfing up and down the Baja peninsula. San Diego was the perfect mix of the Cali vibe and laid back Mexican lifestyle for them.

They started working in fine dining restaurants as a waiter and bartender. While working at night to make a living, they started their first online business selling DVD's and video games. As technology moved towards online gaming they decided to switch gears and start selling rock band clothing using the online marketplace formula they had developed.

As huge music fanatics, they had always been interested in the rockabilly and rock n' roll lifestyle. Tattoos, fast cars, classic cars and pin up models. This fascination led them into the world of men's grooming products and the style connected to the music they loved. They started to sell the top brands in the men's grooming market. After several years in the industry they began their quest to make and manufacture a product that fit their vision of what men's grooming products should be.