Dry Hairstyles vs. Wet Hairstyles

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Now that we are entering the warmer months, a lot of guys are resuming their prioritization of their hairstyles as they’re preparing to get out into the world more than they did during the brutal winter months.  What this means is that men are investing in new hairstyling products that give them the look that they want to present to the world, in an order to be attractive and well put-together.

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer a rich array of hairstyling products for guys looking to create just about any kind of hairstyle under the sun.  And, we’ve just launched a new line of haircare products that incorporate sea salt as a key ingredient to provide texture, volume and hold, all while feeling incredibly weightless so that guys with all hair types can enjoy them.

This year, there is a clear divide between two key styles: the wet look and the dry look.  Both hairstyles can be seen in various cuts and lengths, with the difference being the shine level.  Each type is trendy in its own right, and flattering to just about any guy, and today, we will be sharing tips for both.

Dry Hairstyles

Dry hairstyles, also known as the “matte look,” are styles that do not incorporate any type of product to enhance shine.  Dry hairstyles look like, well, dry hair.  Also, when we say dry, we aren’t referring to “dry hair” that’s unhealthy.

A matte look is compatible with any hairstyle, but there are some styles that are more appropriate for dry-looking hair than others.  Examples are crew cuts, undercuts, fades, natural hairstyles, buzz cuts and Caesar cuts, which are destined to become an extremely popular hairstyle this year.

Wet Hairstyles

Wet hairstyles are hairstyles in which the hair looks wet rather than dry.  Of course, the hair isn’t actually wet, but it contains a product that boosts the shine level so that it looks that way.  The key to rocking a wet hairstyle is using the right products so that it looks shiny without looking greasy or weighed down.

There are many hairstyles that are particularly appealing when the hair has a shine to it.  The slicked back hairstyle that’s been a classic for decades always looks great with a bit of reflectiveness, since it calls to mind the “greaser” hairstyles of the 1950s, when men applied a thick, greasy pomade to keep the hair in place.

Other looks that are great with “wet” hair are side-parted hairstyles, in which the hair is incredibly shiny, helping to accentuate the distinctive part.  And, many guys now use a lot of shine paired with an undercut, for the sake of a cool-looking contrast.  Wet hairstyles also look great if you’re going for a beachy look that makes it look like you just went swimming in the ocean, in which you rock tousled, textured waves that have the perfect glossiness level.

New Sea Salt Pomades at Don Juan Pomade: Perfect for Both Wet and Dry Looks

At Don Juan Pomade, we know that guys fall into two categories: those who want a good deal of shine, and those who want their hair to be matte at all times.  That’s why we’ve released our brand-new Sea Salt Pomade in two distinctive formulas: standard and matte.  Both formulas offer a surf wax fragrance that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the shore.

Don Juan Sea Salt Pomade

Our Don Juan Sea Salt Pomade is the perfect styling product for that classic wet look, with a medium shine level that can be controlled based on the amount of product that you use.  This formula keeps hair in place all day long while giving off some nice reflection to make it look like you just went for an invigorating swim.  The dead sea salt keeps the hair textured while offering lots of volume and a surfer-like look that’s perfect for the warmer months.

Don Juan Sea Salt Matte Pomade

Our Don Juan Sea Salt Matte Pomade contains mattifying ingredients like kaolin clay to sop up oils, producing a perfectly matte, shine-free style that still has a great amount of beachy texture and volume that comes from the dead sea salt that we infuse into each jar.  You can achieve the perfect tousled, carefree look whenever you apply this pomade, allowing you to look effortlessly fresh, like you just spent the last hour or so on a surfboard.

Whichever Hairstyle You Choose, Don Juan Pomade Has Got You Covered!

At Don Juan Pomade, we have worked hard to ensure that guys can easily rock either a wet or dry look regardless of the hairstyle that they wish to achieve.  Our new Sea Salt Pomade line offers the ability to choose between the two with maximum ease, as these formulas are easy to work with and capable of providing long-lasting hold along with exceptional volume and texture.