5 Easy Steps to Styling Your Hair at Home

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December 27, 2020
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January 12, 2021

Are you looking to style your hair at home instead of seating down in the barber’s chair? Well, during this time of COVID-19, a lot of people have elected to do so still.  To be frank, it is not too difficult to do.  It takes time and maintenance.  However, once you accomplish these easy steps, you’ll have compliments coming your way with major adoration.

Step #1: Determine Your Style Shape

First, you need to think about what look you’re going for. Every style may not be the best for your overall look. Check out photos of others and consider the hairstyle, eyebrows, and beards (if you have a beard). You want to make sure your look is doable. Determine if you have a rectangular, round, or triangle-shaped look.  This will help you concentrate on the features you would like to showcase when you are styling your hair in the comfort of your home.

Step #2: Determine Your Growth

Do you want a thick and long hair or a simplistic short hairstyle look?  Depending on your growth, this will develop your trim and shape for your grooming process.  Be considerate of your current hair style. Do you have shoulder-length hair or closely shaven hairstyle?  You also want to balance out your hairstyle with your beard style (if you have a beard) so your look is complete.

Step #3. Trim/Shape

Your hair can be cut or trimmed to style using clippers with a guard or scissors. Make sure you sterilize your clippers, guards, and scissors in alcohol each time to prevent any infection and razor bumps.  Follow the natural line for your hair.  You can use clippers to edge up your line around your sideburns. Depending on the style, for thin hair, use your guard to fade your hair in a manner that is even and neat.

Step #4: Maintaining Healthy Hair

If you want to keep a healthy and stylish hair look, keeps these few home pointers in mind. Hair growth increases by eating healthy.  Making Vitamin D, Zinc, and Biotin apart of your daily diet is highly recommended by nutritionists to promote hair growth.  As your hair is growing you need to trim the hair to cut off stray ends and remove split ends. Your hair needs to have a shampoo and conditioner routine at least twice a week. Stripping the dirt and girt from your hair prevents clogged hair follicles and razor bumps on the side. Use hair/scalp conditioner to prevent breakage.

Step #5: Train Your Hair

Often times your hair may have patchy spots and thin areas, therefore train your hair to cover those spots by brushing it in those directions. There are hair fillers such as color gels at your local drug store.  They come in various colors to match the color of your beard. Sometimes your hair may come as a lighter or a darker color compared to the hair on your head. No worries, as long as you maintain the cleanness look for your beard you should not have any problems.

Using the right hair comb and pomade from Don Juan Pomade can also make a difference in how well your hair is trained.  The right look requires the right pomade. You know what you want to achieve, and our hand-crafted pomades suit any hair texture, thickness, and style.  At Don Juan we understand that your hair is a part of you. It’s growing, it is living, and of course, needs to be nourished like we also mentioned earlier.

Styling and Profiling Your Hair at Home Can Be Done

Overall, it is essential for you to recognize your hair shape to maintain that desired look.  This will help facial features pop as well.  There are many hair grooming products out there, but you must find what works best for you.  Every hair type is different.  Using more natural oils is better suited for hair and even skin care.  Again, using grooming products will indeed, strengthen the style and care of your hair.