Quick Tips to Fix Your Winter-Damaged Beard

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January 6, 2021
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January 18, 2021

Whether your beard is newly growing in or you have a few years of growth, the one common enemy of all bearded men is the winter temperatures.  The cooler air temperatures lower the humidity, causing your skin and beard to dry out quickly.  This can leave your facial skin dry and flaky while your beard hair becomes brittle and malnourish.

Here are a few things to know about maintaining your winter beard.

Put Some Moisture Back in Your Beard

Ensure that you are using beard oil at least twice a day.  When using beard oil, make a point to rub the oil throughout your beard and into the skin below.  This will help to rehydrate the dry skin and promote growth of your beard hair. Beard oil will also help protect your beard from the cold winds, by acting as a barrier, locking in the moisture and nutrients your beard needs to look great.  By utilizing beard oil right after a shower, you can lock in the moisture from your shower, and avoid having dry flaking skin the second you step outside. Beard oil should be your best friend in the winter months.

Alternatively, you can also use beard balm which is great if you need to do any styling with your beard.  It will have the same moisturizing effects as beard oil, with the added benefit of styling your beard and controlling any scruffy looking areas.

Shampoo and Conditioner Use

Although you may think shampoo is a great way to clean your beard after a long day, you may want to consider cutting back how often you are using it.  Shampoo can dry out your skin and strip your natural oils away, leaving your beard hair brittle, dry and unprotected.  Unlike shampoos, conditioners will help clean your beard, without stripping away all of the beneficial oils.  Conditioner will also allow you to hydrate your skin and lock in the moisture.  It’s much gentler on your skin and beard than shampoo, allowing you to use it more often.

A good routine would be to use beard shampoo 1-2 times a week and conditioner 3-4 times a week.  If you’re a smoker, around smokers throughout the day, or in a dirty work environment, you may need to shampoo 3 days and condition the other 3-4 days, but no more than 3 days per week and not consecutive days.

Water Temperature Matters

After a long day of work, with cold winter temperatures chilling you to the bone, a hot shower is just what you need to warm your bones, but it may not be so great for your beard.  When you hit your beard with hot water you are stripping away all the natural oil that helps nourish your hair and skin.  Thankfully, cold water is not the solution. Cold water will cause your pores to constrict making it harder for you to wash away any dirt, leaving it trapped in your pores to cause skin irritations.  Warm water is the perfect temperature to ensure your beard gets clean but not stripped of its natural oils.  If you cannot handle a warm shower, take a hot shower, but leave your beard out of it.  At the end of the shower, lower the temperature and wash your beard.  Washing in the sink after a hot shower with warm water is also an option but may not be the easiest and most effective way to wash a longer beard.

Keep That Beard Looking Good All Winter Long

Following these great tips will allow you to maintain your beards glory throughout the winter months.  They can help repair any damage done so far to your beard over the harsh winter.  Proper maintenance is key to a great looking beard no matter how cold it is outside.

Do not worry gentlemen, springtime is just around the corner, bringing back the humidity our beards love.