5 Tips to Add More Volume to Your Hair

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October 21, 2020
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Has your hair been looking limp, flat, and dull lately, no matter how much you try to comb it one direction, or condition it regularly?  If there’s one complaint we hear from guys often, it’s that their hair is seriously lacking in volume.  Volume makes hair look thicker and healthier and adds texture that can tie a look together.  Further, volume allows for guys to play around with a wider variety of styles.

Reasons Why Your Hair May Lack Volume

If your hair is in serious need of some volume, we’ve got you covered.  We have five great tips for adding volume to your hair easily and naturally.  First, however, let’s look at the most common culprits behind flat, limp hair.

Reason #1: Your Natural Hair Type

Some guys have naturally flat hair, which means that they’ll never wake up with the volume that they’re looking for.  Guys who have hair that’s on the fine and thin side tend to struggle with finding the volume that they desire.  This hair simply doesn’t have enough weight to it to stand up, and so it falls flat against the head.

Reason #2: Weather Conditions

Most of us find that our hair loses volume in the cold winter months.  This is due to the lack of humidity in the air.  Dry air sucks the moisture away from each strand, and moisture is a key component to volume as it plumps each strand.

Reason #3: Products You Use

Some products may be causing your hair to lack in volume.  Examples include heavy products that weigh hair down, and products that dry hair out.

How to Add More Volume to Your Hair

Now, let’s discuss the best ways to give your volume a much-needed boost.

Use a Pomade

First, we recommend using a pomade.  Hair pomades, like the ones that we offer at Don Juan Pomade, contain ingredients that both hydrate and style your hair.  Hydrating and moisturizing ingredients, such as plant-based oils and butters, plump each individual strand so that the hair no longer falls flat against the head, unless you choose to style it that way.  And speaking of styling, a pomade can give even the finest hair volume by offering a hold that allows you to texturize and spike to your heart’s desire.

The pomades that we produce at Don Juan Pomade use natural ingredients, which are better for the hair as they supply moisture rather than take it away.  This means that in the long term, that moisture will accumulate, which, for many guys, will result in thicker-looking and more voluminous hair overall.

Also Use a Leave-in Conditioner

One reason why so many guys struggle with volume is because their hair desperately needs moisture.  Without moisture, the strands become dehydrated and dry, and fall flat rather than stand tall and proud.  The best way to enhance your hair’s moisture game is by using a leave-in conditioner. This is a product that you apply when you’re done washing your hair, which adds extra moisture that doesn’t get rinsed away.  That extra moisture can give the strands of your hair the plumpness that they’re looking for, which leads to natural volume.  Just make sure that you don’t use too much, or else your hair may end up getting weighed down, which will give you the opposite of the desired effect.

Ditch the Sulfates

We said that some haircare products actually dry hair out or cause it to go limp due to nutrient depletion.  One ingredient that’s a big culprit behind this issue is sulfates.  Sulfates are cleansing agents found in many commercial shampoos, and they’re responsible for that thick and fluffy lather.  The problem with sulfates is that they are overly aggressive, as they strip moisture away from the hair so that it can be easily rinsed out with water.  Over time, many people who use sulfate-rich products find that their hair ends up falling flat, as though all of the thickness has disappeared.

The next time you shop for haircare products, look for natural options that provide lots of moisture, rather than strip it away.

Get a Humidifier

Because the dry months of the year notoriously flatten our hair, you may want to invest in a humidifier.  A humidifier is a small device that you plug into an outlet, that provides a consistent humidity level in your home to combat the dryness of the air outside.  A humidifier will prevent the air from sucking all of the moisture out of your hair, which will result in more volume.  Most of us find that on humid days, are hair naturally gains volume, and this is because it is getting infused with hydration in the air.  This same principle applies to rooms enhanced by a humidifier.

Besides that, humidifiers may add additional benefits during the dry season of winter.  Dryness in the air also robs the skin of moisture, leaving it more prone to dryness and irritation.  Also, it can dry out our airways, causing us to experience throat irritation and d a stuffy nose.

Wash Your Hair More Frequently

Another culprit behind volume-less hair is simply washing it too infrequently.  The longer you go without washing your hair, the more the natural oils produced by the scalp weigh the hair down, which causes it to look flat.  By simply washing away those oils more frequently, your hair may end up gaining volume that you didn’t even know it had.  How often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type.  Those with very fine hair may need to wash daily, while those with thicker, coarser hair often find that twice or three times a week is enough.

Let Your Hair Really Shine

Guys who are finding that their hair needs more volume can change up their routines in various ways, as you can see.  One of the best ways to add instant volume is to simply apply a pomade to your hair, which allows the hair to look more voluminous within minutes.