When’s the Right Time for a Man to Use a Hair Balm or Hair Grease Product?

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October 14, 2020
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There comes a point in most men’s lives when it’s time to consider using some form of a styling product in order to take their hair routines to the next level.  At Don Juan Pomade, we offer a generous variety of high-quality, all-natural styling products that don’t just leave your hair looking styled to perfection, but also offer a wide variety of nutrients and other useful plant-based properties that improve the overall condition of hair in a cumulative manner.

So, when is the right time for a guy to start introducing a hair balm or hair grease into his routine?  Well, it depends on his unique hair, and what his goals ultimately are.

Hair Balm and Hair Grease

First, let’s talk about these two different products, as their formulas are different enough that a man should carefully consider which one is right for him.

  • Hair Balm: Another term for a standard pomade, which offers a regular hold level and shine level, and has a smooth consistency for easy application. Better suited for men with more agreeable hair types. Or, those that just want to add some texture or style.
  • Hair Grease: This formula is a bit more heavy-duty, offering both heavy shine and a heavy hold, for a more stylized look as well as a more drastic transformation for difficult-to-manage hair. Typically, those with thicker or coarser hair will benefit from it.

Signs it’s Time to Start Using One of These Products from Don Juan Pomade

Now, let’s break down the various signs that you’re ready for a new pomade routine.

#1: Thinning Hair

Men who find that their hair is beginning to thin with age will benefit from using a pomade formula, as it can help thicken up the strands with plumping agents found in the natural butters and oils of plants, while also allowing the covering of thinner patches all day long.

#2: Flat Hair

If your hair falls flat, resulting in a shapeless appearance, a balm or grease is the way to go.  It can help give your hair shape and texture, resulting in a style that is architecturally appealing.  You can use the balm or grease to lift the hair in certain areas, while smoothing it down where it’s needed.

#3: Your Hair is Fine

If you have hair that’s naturally fine, you likely want some thickness and texture.  That’s where a pomade formula comes in.  Simply combing the product through your hair with your fingers can give the appearance of thicker hair that looks natural in appearance, while boasting a great overall style.

#4: Coarse Hair

Believe it or not, a balm or grease can benefit coarse hair as well.  Coarse hair has a reputation for being unruly, and the right product can put it in its place, so to speak.  Coarse hair as a tendency to do whatever it wants, sticking out in various places and looking untidy overall.  By smoothing it down with a balm or grease formula, it will look neat all day long.

#5: Frizzy Hair

Guys who suffer from frizzy hair dread going outside on particularly humid days, and we can hardly blame them.  Once that humidity makes its way into the hair, the hair looks frazzled and messy.  But, the right grease or balm can actually prevent humidity by supplying the extra moisture needed to keep things smooth, while holding the hair in place so that the frizz can’t change its texture.

#6: You’re Getting Static

During the dry months of winter, many of us experience static in our hair that causes it to stick up in odd places.  Just running the fingers through the hair can be an electrifying experience, literally.  A balm will act as a buffer between static and your hair, preventing this issue from occurring altogether.

#7: Hair is Dry and Dull

Dry, dull hair looks unhealthy.  The hair needs moisture, and a lot of hair types are uniquely prone to dryness, including coarse hair and thick hair.  Balms and greases don’t just add shine to dull hair, but also supply an extra amount of moisture on a daily basis to prevent dryness from continuing to be an issue.

#8: Well, Your Hair Needs a Style Upgrade

Maybe you just need to switch up your hairstyle, because you’re ready for a change.  No problem.  With a hair balm or hair grease, you can achieve just about any style that you want.  Want to go for a spiky look?  It’s a piece of cake.  Want to try a slicked back style, no problem whatsoever.

Don Juan Has You Covered!

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer stellar styling products in forms of both hair grease and hair balms that combine natural ingredients to improve the appearance and overall condition of your hair.  Refer to the list above to decide if it’s time to bring one of these products into your regimen, and check out the variety of styling products that we offer to find a formula that’s right for you.