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June 14, 2020
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June 28, 2020

A lot of us are missing our favorite sports leagues right now, and so we thought that we would write a sports-themed article that still relates to what we care the most about – hair.  When you think about it, a huge number of Americans get their ideas for new hairstyles from their favorite players.  It seems like this is especially true in the MLB, where it appears as though new and exciting hairstyles are debuted on the top players.

Our Favorite Haircuts in Major League Baseball Today!

If you’ve been looking for some hair care inspiration, and want something that’s actually on trend, then this article is for you.  The best part is that should you decide to emulate a particular style, you’ll have no trouble pulling up a picture to show your barber or stylist.

MLB Player #5: Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge’s drop fade look is one of the most universally flattering hairstyles we’ve seen, and we’re expecting to see a lot of guys trying it out by next fall.  He keeps the top short, and doesn’t do too much styling, letting its natural waviness shine.  Then, the fade begins pretty high up, and fades in a natural-looking way, which is great for those who want a fade that doesn’t draw so much attention.

MLB Player #4: Mike Trout

Mike Trout is bringing the spiked hair look back, and boy are we ready for it.  This isn’t the same spiky hair look that you rocked when you were an Offspring fan back in the day.  It combines a spiked top with a fade on either side to take this look into the new decade.  A little bit of pomade helps keep those spikes in place, while the fade requires regular upkeep so that it looks crisp and, well, like a fade.

MLB Player #3: George Springer

George Springer is one player who isn’t afraid to let his hair grab attention.  He’s always been bold with his hairstyles, but his current look is easily our favorite.  He combines an undercut fade with a mohawk-like top in which his long, thick curls run wild, only down the center of his head.  This look is obviously not for everyone, as it’s a bold statement, and may not be suitable for certain professional settings.  But, if you can rock it, we suggest having it done professionally since it requires many steps.  And, keep those curls nice and moisturized so that they always stay defined and soft.

MLB Player #2: Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve has very thick, textured curls, and it’s clear that that is the hair type he was born with.  Rather than try to conceal them with a short cut, he enhances and showcases them by pairing them with a very distinctive fade on the sides, while rocking some decent length up to.  His waves keep getting longer, which creates more of a contrast in terms of his hair’s style, and we think that it looks better and better each time we see him.

MLB Player #1: Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson’s hair is super unique, not to mention bold.  He’s got a distinct undercut, but the length up top is very long, and so he slicks it all the way back.  This is another look that’s best done by a professional, since it’s relatively intricate.

Knock One of These Haircuts Outta the Ballpark

If you’re ready to try out a new hairstyle, look no further than the MLB for some inspiration.  These five players are rocking some of the best hair in the game right now, so use them as resources when you’re about to try out a new look.  Also, don’t forget that Don Juan Pomade can help with the finishing touches.