Could Pomade Make a Bad Men’s Haircut Look Better?

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June 1, 2020
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It has happened to the best of us. We find the best barber in town, give them a full breakdown of exactly what we want, look in the mirror and realize, with absolute horror, that we’ve just paid for a bad haircut.  Whether it’s caused by miscommunication, an inexperienced barber or something else entirely, the feeling of being mortified is hard to remedy. Plus, we may feel incredibly self-conscious as we wait for the hair to grow out.

So, is there anything that can be done when a bad haircut occurs?  Well, we will be talking about how pomade may come in handy.

Adding Fullness and Texture

Sometimes, a bad haircut happens when the hair is thinned out too much. This is either in certain areas or all over.  This can leave the hair looking suddenly limp, and may make you think you suddenly have a big head.  Well, pomade can help in that department. It naturally adds fullness and texture to the hair when applied properly.  Just rub some between your hands and comb it into your hair using outward motions, and tousling the hair as needed to add volume to the areas that really could use it.

Covering an Unsightly Area

If your bad haircut is really only bad in one area of the hair, such as the bangs or the back, some pomade can help. Thicker pomade with a good amount of hold can help reposition the hair in that area. This is until it grows back in properly.  For instance, if the bangs are uneven, you can use some pomade to push the hair to one side so that the error is less obvious.  Or, if the sides are too short, you can use some pomade to stick them out a bit so that they don’t look as odd.

Creating a New Style with What You Have

Sometimes, a bad haircut calls for a total overhaul of your personal style.  In other words, you can use what you’ve got to try something entirely new.  Let’s say a barber messed up the sides.  Well, rather than trying to pretend it never happened, why not cut them even shorter and use some pomade to create a mohawk?  Or, if your hair was cut too short, you can try that spiked look you’ve been putting off for a while, as this will work great with shorter hair.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pomade once the shock passes – it’s like taking lemons and making lemonade.  And who knows – maybe you’ll end up loving the new look you’ve come up with so much that you’ll be happy for the accident.

Bad Haircuts Can Happen

If you wanna fast and easy way to work around a bad haircut, try using a pomade. Which of course, can do wonders in terms of changing the hair’s appearance within seconds.  Don Juan Pomade, offers a variety of pomades that can be used for this purpose.