Top 5 Father’s Day Products at Don Juan Pomade

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It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate our dads in serious style.  Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means that now is the time to consider what you’re going to get your pops (or ask for from your own kids, of course).  The good news is that at Don Juan Pomade, we’ve made it easy for you to give your dad the best gift he could ever ask for, if he’s a man who takes grooming seriously.

What to Give Dad from Don Juan Pomade?

We have a list of five spectacular products that any dad will absolutely love.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #5: Mr. Spice Organic Beard & Body Soap

Is your dad still using standard bars of soap to wash his beard?  If so, give him the Mr. Spice Organic Beard & Body Soap.  This product relies on only plant-based, organic ingredients to thoroughly wash the beard, helping it stay nice and clean without robbing it of moisture, as so many other soap products on the market are prone to do.  This soap also doubles as a body soap, which means that your dad will be able to savor the warm, spicy and masculine scent as he washes up each day.

The formula for our Mr. Spice soap is one that is rich in plant-based nutrients and highly moisturizing oils.  This means that his beard will look better than ever once he makes this product part of his daily routine.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Don Juan Craftsman Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Is your dad obsessed with beard care?  Or, does he need a little extra help in the grooming department?  Either way, our Don Juan Craftsman Ultimate Beard Care Kit is a great gift for Father’s Day.  It consists of three exceptionally formulated beard care products that together provide him with the perfect beard routine.  Each product boasts our signature craftsman fragrance which is masculine and exotic.

He’ll receive our signature Beard Wash, which keeps the beard clean yet hydrated.  He’ll also receive the Craftsman Beard Oil, which is an essential daily product for keeping the beard moisturized, tame and healthy overall.  And, he’ll get the Mr. Beard Grow, which is a natural growth-boosting product made with plant-based ingredients.  All of these products are completely organic and natural, and they smell absolutely amazing.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Don Juan Pomade x Chicago Comb Stainless Steel Comb

The Don Juan Pomade x Chicago Comb Stainless Steel Comb is like a luxury item for any dad who pays attention to his hair.  This comb isn’t your ordinary comb – we teamed up with the world’s top comb experts to deliver this flawless piece of grooming equipment that’s beautifully designed and highly effective.  The matte finish boasts our iconic logo, making it a conversation piece as much as a practical haircare item.  And, it’s portable and highly durable, meaning your dad can take it with him anywhere.

This comb has the perfect teeth-spacing to accommodate a wide range of hair types and thickness levels.  Most importantly, it keeps those hairs in place, especially when paired with one of our signature styling pomades.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: Don Juan Handcrafted Matte Cream 4oz

If your dad needs something to style his hair, he’ll love the Don Juan Handcrafted Matte Cream 4oz.  This product has already achieved cult status thanks to its exceptional formula consisting solely of natural, organic ingredients.  It provides the perfect amount of hold while offering a matte finish that looks extremely natural.  One thing that customers love about this product is that while it keeps hair in place all day long, it doesn’t make the hair look crusty or crispy, as so many styling creams do.  It’s a water-based formula and can do everything from help add some nice texture to thinning hair, to keep a style perfectly in place throughout the day.  The bottom line is that this is a high-quality styling product that really and truly works.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: Don Juan Pomade 4oz

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic.  The Don Juan Pomade 4oz is our original product from which all other products are based.  It’s an extremely user-friendly pomade, meaning that it’s not too heavy or sticky.  It has a water-based formula that feels nice and light when applied to the hair and won’t weigh that hairstyle down at all.

Its organic, all-natural formula doesn’t just help keep hair in place, but also provides crucial nutrition to the scalp.  Features a high level of hold and a medium level of shine.

Your Dad Will Be Enjoying Their Hair and/or Having a Nice Beard, Too!

No matter what kind of hairstyle your dad likes to rock, or what his beard type is like, he’ll love the products from Don Juan Pomade.  Our all-natural formulas are dad-approved, and you can count on him getting plenty of use out of your gift, no matter what you pick.