Running Your Hands Through Your Hair: When Should Men Do It?

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A lot of guys take a lot of time to style their hair each day, selecting the very best products, the most high-end combs and brushes, and being willing to spend money on the occasional professional cut.  But, there’s one thing that a lot of guys may be doing habitually without even realizing it, that can sabotage the overall health of their hair.  Many men run their fingers through their hair periodically throughout the day, and the truth of the matter is that this can do more harm than good.

However, in moderation, it may be a useful practice.  Today, we’ll be talking about when a guy should and shouldn’t run his fingers through his hair.  If this is particularly bad habit of yours, this article should help.

Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair if…

…It’s a Windy Day

We know, we know – the wind can wreak havoc on even the most impeccable hairstyle.  If a gust of wind just blew through, it’s totally fine to run your fingers through your hair to make sure that your style isn’t messed up.  Otherwise, you could end up with a lopsided look that’s anything but stylish.

…It’s Raining

Like the wind, the rain can mess up the hairstyle that you spent all morning trying to achieve.  If you can tell that your hair is getting weighed down by the rain, you can definitely run your fingers through it to help reset it in its proper place.

…You Want to Get a Feel for Its Moisture Level

If you suspect your hair is drying out, it’s good practice to run your fingers through it to check to see how it feels.  This is the easiest way to tell whether or not moisture levels are lacking, as just looking at it rarely indicates what’s really going on.

…You Don’t Have a Comb or Brush with You

If you left your comb or brush at home, and you are reaching several hours since you first styled it, doing a quick touchup with your fingers is perfectly acceptable.  Just don’t overdo it, or use your fingers to try to pull out substantial tangles.

…You’ve Just Applied Product

If you just put product in your hair, you can certainly use your fingers to style it rather than a comb or a brush.  Lots of guys do this to achieve a more effortless, tousled look.

Don’t Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair If…

…You’ve Just Combed or Brushed It

If you just combed or brushed your hair, there’s no need to run your fingers through it.  Besides the fact that it’s overkill, it can actually cause your hair to shed.  Each time we brush or comb, we pull hairs away from their follicles.  Using your fingers afterward can cause the hairs to actually fall out before the follicles get a chance to secure their strands again.

…You Have Issues with Excessive Shedding

If you happen to have the kind of hair that sheds excessively, you should avoid running your fingers through it whenever possible.  Each time you run your fingers through your hair, you’re potentially pulling more out of their follicles.

…You’ve Already Done it a Million Times That Day

Running your fingers through your hair should be something you do for a reason, not just out of habit.

In Summary

As you can see, there’s a time and a place for running your fingers through your hair.  Use this guide to know when and when not to do it, so you can maintain good overall hair health.