Could Using an Excess of Pomade Cause Hair Coloring to Fade?

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March 21, 2020
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April 7, 2020

If you’ve been dyeing your hair, either because you’re going gray or you just like trying out a new look, your biggest priority is making sure that the color doesn’t fade.  Most dyes fade after a while, but if your color fades prematurely, that can be an enormous hassle that no one has time for.

Some of our customers ask us whether or not applying a lot of pomade daily can make that hair color fade more quickly than it should.  This is an understandable question, as lots of different factors can strip away color prematurely.  Well, allow us to answer that question, because we’re certain that the answer will surprise you.

The Answer: It’s Unlikely

So, as it turns out, using pomade in any amount shouldn’t strip away hair color.  In fact, it may actually do the opposite.  See, pomade acts like a seal, protecting each strand against harsh environmental factors that can damage the hair.  Damaged hair is more likely to lose its color, because its cuticles are broken, exposing the dye molecules.  Hair that’s protected by a layer of pomade has an additional layer to prevent that color from escaping.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule.  If you’re trying to choose a pomade formula that’s the least likely to strip away color, you want to go for one that contains natural, plant-based ingredients.  That’s because some companies use harsh ingredients in their pomades that can actually dry hair out over time.

Luckily, with Don Juan Pomade, you don’t have to worry about that occurring.  We use plant-based ingredients known to not just help you achieve an awesome style, but give your hair loads of protection against harsh factors like dry air and pollution.  Besides that, our formulas help provide moisture deep beneath the cuticle, meaning that your hair will be extremely healthy when used daily.  And, healthier hair is more likely to hold onto color, so you can feel good about using an extra dollop each day if that’s what you want to do.

Keep Using Your Favorite DJP Haircare Products!

As you can see, there’s no reason to worry that using the pomade formulas from Don Juan Pomade will cause your hair to lose its color sooner than it should.  So, keep applying that pomade as needed to maintain your awesome style, and know that your color will last.