Weatherproofing Your Hair

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April 7, 2020
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We know that no matter how much time and effort you put into styling your hair, sometimes, the weather can have other plans for you in store.  Weather is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up when trying to maintain the same hairstyle every day.

So, is there such a thing as weatherproofing one’s hair?  Well, of course, there’s no 100 percent surefire way to prevent weather from getting in the way of your look, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that the outdoors has a minimal effect on your hairstyle.

It’s all about prevention.  By knowing what the weather has in store each day, you can apply that information to your haircare routine that morning.  Allow us to explain this in more detail.

Cold, Dry Months: Boost Moisture and Protect Those Strands

Nothing zaps moisture like dry air, and during the cold months, the hair is likely to become brittle and dull.  This is why during the winter months; guys need to consider increasing the amount of moisture that they provide for their hair.  This means leaving in that conditioner for a minimum of 15 minutes, possibly using a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner, or both, and choosing a richer pomade formula that has lots of moisturizing properties.

Warm, Humid Months: More Moisture Means Less Frizz

Once we say goodbye to the cold winter weather, it doesn’t take long for the days to become warm and humid.  While dry air kills moisture, humidity can leave hair frizzy, untamed and generally messy.  The best way to combat humidity is to add even more moisture than usual.  We know that sounds counterintuitive since humidity is increased moisture in the air.  But, moisture will help tame frizz, so use an extra-moisturizing pomade, and considering using some leave-in as well.

Hot, Dry Days: Hydration is Key, and More Volume May Be Needed

Like we said, dry air sucks moisture out of your hair.  And, some places in the country can get some pretty dry air during the summer months as well as the winter months.  If you’re living in a particularly arid area, you need to use more moisture than most.  So, choose products that are more hydrating and moisturizing.  Also, be aware that dry air can leave hair looking limp and flat, as moisture is needed to keep hair voluminous.  So, consider using a pomade that helps you create volume, and offers a decent amount of hold.  Lastly, consider keeping some humidifiers in your home to combat the dryness outside.

Strong Winds: Extra Hold is Needed

We’ve all been there: after spending a good amount of time styling our hair perfectly, we go outside, and a strong gust of wind completely throws off our style.  The wind can be quite unpredictable and can seriously disrupt our ability to enjoy a good hair day.  The easy solution is choosing a pomade that offers an extra-strong hold and using it on days when strong winds are predicted.  This will ensure that your hair doesn’t get moved out of place as those gusts hit your area.  The windier the day, the more product you should consider using.

Keeping Your Hair Looking Good, Regardless of the Weather is Key

While we may try our best to control the way our hair looks on a daily basis, sometimes, mother nature gets in the way.  The good news is that by following the weather report and taking the appropriate measures with your haircare routine, you can compensate for any problems that the weather may potentially give your hair.  Use this guide to know how to amp up your daily routine when the weather is misbehaving.