Customers Truly Enjoy Using Don Juan Pomade Men’s Hair Products

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March 14, 2020
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March 28, 2020

No matter how good our formulas may be, we at Don Juan Pomade know that we’re nothing without our loyal customers.  Our company feels eternally grateful that so many guys have made our carefully formulated, all-natural products part of their daily routine. Plus, we love hearing about the ways in which our formulas help them achieve the look that they’ve always wanted.

Why Customers Love Our Products So Much

So, what is it about the Don Juan Pomade products that has struck such a chord with guys who care about their hair and beards?  Well, one thing we know is that we’ve tried to offer an entire lifestyle.  We want you to find the true don that’s inside every guy – that side of your personality that’s confident, honorable and, last but not least, stylish in a way that’s both effortless and timeless.

But the other thing that we’ve come to find out is that our products just work, plain and simple.  We don’t use fillers and cheap additives, which means that every ingredient that we use is doing something beneficial for guys’ hair and beards.  We’ve heard story after story of guys discovering our products and never turning back again.

What Our Customers Have to Say

So, what do our customers think of our products?  Well, we’re fortunate to have received some pretty amazing reviews over the years, and we will be sharing some of our favorites with you today.

Dereksosa29 tried out our original Don Juan Pomade formula, and shared, “Just tried this product out and let me tell you this product was awesome.  I have really wavy, thick hair and been searching for a product that tames it and this product did just that…”

As for our Hybrido Pomade, Scott said, “Great strong hold pomade.  Styles well and looks great all day.  I like the feeling that my hair has been conditioned when washing out the product, no dried out stripped feel.”

While we’re known best for our unique variety of natural pomade formulas, we also offer some excellent products that can help guys like you maintain your beards with plant-based ingredients known to seriously boost the health of that facial hair.  Our beard oils have been getting a lot of attention, and our Craftsmen formula is known for its intoxicating, masculine fragrance.  Johnny J said “Works wonders!  No longer feels crispy and tied out.  I like the subtle outdoor fragrance too.”  Thanks Johnny!

Our Customer Reviews Say It All!

At Don Juan Pomade, we couldn’t be more thankful for our wonderful customers who are more than happy to share with us their success stories after using our products.  Feedback from our customers doesn’t just make us smile – it helps us grasp what it is that our customers want, so that we can continue to satisfy your needs as we produce more formulas.  So, from all of us, thank you, and we hope that you continue to enjoy our products for many years to come.