Could Using an Excess of Beard Oil Cause Beard Coloring to Fade?

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March 7, 2020
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We all put a lot of work into maintaining our beards so that they can be soft, healthy and capable of growing to the right length.  But, no matter what we do, we can’t stop the eventual graying of our facial hair.  Sooner or later, all bearded guys will find that those grays start appearing, and once they begin, they don’t stop.

Luckily, there are Ways to Color our Beards to Mask those Grays 

Beard dyes are affordable, easy to use and capable of delivering long-lasting results.  Still, dye products can fade, especially if our beards are exposed to harsh external factors.

Something we get asked often is whether or not our beard oils will cause beard dye to fade prematurely.  Well, as you’ll see, the truth is quite surprising.

In Short, Probably Not

So, can using a lot of beard oil each day make beard dye fade earlier than it should?  The answer is that it’s highly unlikely.  Now, there are lots of ingredients out there that can strip away color, such as harsh sulfates that are found in some commercial shampoo products intended for facial hair.  But, beard oils are anything but harsh.  In fact, all-natural formulas like the ones used by Don Juan Pomade are quite the opposite.

One thing that makes hair color fade quickly is damage to the cuticle of each individual hair strand.  The cuticle is a protective layer that keeps the hair shaft healthy.  When the hair shaft has been stripped of this protective layer, color molecules can be stripped away.  So, how does one maintain that cuticle?  By applying beard oil, as it turns out.

Beard oils are highly moisturizing products that thoroughly protect your beard from damage, period.  Therefore, using a beard oil on a daily basis can actually lock in that hair dye more effectively, meaning that it can last even longer than expected.  This is good news, as beard oil is largely considered an essential daily product.  So, keep using as much or as little as you want.

Keep Using Your Favorite Don Juan Pomade Beard Oils!

While beard dyes fade after a while, the good news is that this doesn’t affect your daily beard oil routine.  The beard oils at Don Juan Pomade won’t fade your beard color prematurely.  In fact, they can help it last longer, so keep applying that beard oil as needed each day.