Keep Those Cool Cornrows Looking Sharp with Don Juan Pomade

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January 11, 2020
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January 25, 2020

Today, we’re seeing more guys pay special attention to the state of their hair.  Guys are more adventurous than ever before when it comes to unique hairstyles, and they’re spending more money than they have in decades on haircare products to keep hair in great condition.

This piece will be talking about a highly popular style, and that’s cornrows.  Cornrows continue to be one of the coolest-looking hairstyles that men can achieve, but, as any guy rocking this look knows, it requires a good deal of maintenance.  That’s where Don Juan Pomade comes in.  We have the products you need to keep those cornrows looking neat, healthy and happy as long as you wish to keep this hairstyle.

How to Achieve Cornrows

If you want to pull off cornrows for the first time, allow us to walk you through the basic process of achieving this style.  The best way to go about giving yourself cornrows is to start with damp hair, as it’s easier to work with than hair that is dry.  Once your hair is damp, use a comb to separate one small section at a time.  The amount of hair you have in each section determines both the thickness of each cornrow, and how many cornrows you’ll ultimately have.

Now, grabbing one section at a time, braid the hair from the front and down to the back, going across the crown of the head so that each braid forms a straight line.  This look can be done with any hair type and any length of hair.

How to Maintain Them Properly with Don Juan Pomade

Now that you’ve gotten the hard part out of the way, let’s talk maintenance.  Two things that cornrows require is adequate styling and adequate moisture.  Luckily, you can accomplish both of these things at once with one of our Don Juan Pomade formulas.

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer a wide range of pomades so that every hair type has what it needs to look and feel its best.  So, choose a pomade based on your hair type in order to get started.

Now, each morning, take a small amount of pomade and run it gently along each braid to both keep it in place and condition it properly.  This will ensure that each braid stays put while giving it the necessary ingredients to be soft and generally healthy.  The exact amount of pomade you should use depends on your hair’s thickness as well as its length.  Experiment a bit with quantities before you figure out the amount that’s best for your unique hair.

Cornrows Take Time to Do, so Keep Them Looking Good

If you’re rocking cornrows, it’s important that you follow a haircare routine designed to keep those little braids looking tidy, clean and smooth.  It’s also important to make sure that those cornrows are getting the right nutrients, moisturizers and other natural ingredients so that your hair and scalp remain as healthy as possible.  Luckily, at Don Juan Pomade, we have the perfect pomade formulas for guys who wear cornrows.