Restoring Beard Hair Follicles

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January 18, 2020
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February 7, 2020

So many of us suffer from beard envy because for whatever reason, we can’t seem to grow luscious beards like our peers.  Many guys spend a lot of time using products daily but can’t seem to get the results that they want.

Well, the problem may lie in your follicles.  Many of us don’t quite understand how beard hair follicles work, and why their condition has so much to do with how our beard grows.  But, by understanding the follicle, we can get down to the root of the problem and act as needed.

Today, we’ll be talking about those beard follicles, and why they’re so prone to damage.  This can help you diagnose your unique beard circumstances and correct the issue accordingly.  We will also be talking about how Don Juan Pomade beard care products can help with your beard-related woes.

What is a Follicle?

A follicle is a small sac beneath the surface of the skin from which an individual hair is grown.  Beneath it is a sebaceous gland containing oil that helps keep each hair moisturized.  Essentially, these glands are personalized moisturizers for each individual strand.

We have hair follicles all over our body, because anywhere that hair grows, follicles exist.  On our face, we have follicles that allow for us to grow beards.

Why Do Beard Follicles Get Damaged?

The thing about hair follicles is that they’re relatively vulnerable, as they are so close to the surface of the skin, where any number of factors can cause damage.  Therefore, it’s far from unusual to have damaged follicles.  And, damaged hair follicles can present themselves as such in a number of ways, including slow growth, a lack of growth completely, damaged hair strands and dryness.

In order for a hair follicle to be healthy, it must be properly cared for.  This means that you avoid exposing your skin to things that can damage what’s lying beneath the surface.  Below are the most common reasons for damaged hair follicles that interfere with our beards.

Exposure to Harsh Ingredients

Harsh ingredients are everywhere, existing in our skin cleansers, our beard styling products and more.  Cheaper companies tend to use harsh fillers in order to keep manufacturing costs down, but this comes at a cost to our facial hair, especially the follicles.  Ingredients to avoid include sulfates, synthetic fragrances and parabens, as they can all damage individual follicles, while also drying out the beard itself.

Exposure to Harsh Conditions

Harsh conditions such as strong winds, dry air and excessive heat can all interfere with the function of the follicles by causing them to stop producing hairs as well as sebum, the moisturizing oil produced within the sebaceous glands beneath the follicles.

Lack of a Healthy Routine

Sometimes, beard issues have to do with our internal health.  That’s why it’s important to maintain a balanced diet, a consistent fitness regimen and low stress levels.

How Don Juan Pomade Products Can Restore Those Follicles for Healthier, Fast-Growing Facial Hair

At Don Juan Pomade, we’ve developed beard care products that work deep beneath the surface.  We use plant-based formulas containing natural ingredients known to stimulate the follicles while keeping them in good health.  If you want to take your beard care routine to the next level, invest in Don Juan Pomade beard care products that can help the follicles as well as the individual hairs themselves.

Final Bearded Thoughts…

If you’re tired of sluggish or uneven growth, consider the factors above that can contribute to damaged follicles.  Beard health starts and ends with the state of our follicles, and so we must take care of them properly.  One way is to give follicles the boost that they need is by using the carefully formulated, all-natural beard care products from Don Juan Pomade.