Just How Often Should You Go to the Barbershop?

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Many of us who take a great deal of time practicing quality beard and haircare routines want to make sure that we are on top of our grooming habits.  As we all know, the look of our beards and hair have to do with a lot more than how often we apply the right moisturizing products and cleansers.  No matter how many quality ingredients we massage into our beards and hair on a regular basis, we aren’t going to look the way we want if our hair is overgrown, uneven and generally messy.

Luckily, there are barbershops.  While some guys are just fine taking their trimming and shaping-related matters into their own hands, the large majority of us feel far more secure leaving grooming to an experienced professional.  Barbers undergo more training than they ever have before in order to ensure that they can deliver desirable results to men rocking a wide range of styles.

But the question is, just how often should a guy see a barber for a trim and shaping session, whether it involve his beard or the hair on his head?  Well, today we’ll be answering that question in thorough detail.

As a rule of thumb, a guy who wants to maintain a certain style, length and shape should visit a barber for trimming and shaping once a month.  This is because the average guy sees growth of a half of an inch per month, and on a monthly basis, a guy can have this half of an inch trimmed so that it stays the same length for as long as he wants.  But, there are some factors that can determine whether a guy should actually see a barber more or less frequently, which we will explain below.

The Style and Length You Want to Achieve

First, you have to consider the length and style that you’re going for.  If you’re trying to grow out your hair or your beard, you don’t want to visit the barber once each month, because then you’re not giving the hair a chance to actually get longer.  The same goes for shaping – if you’re trying to achieve a particular shape, you may want to let it grow out first so that the barber has more to work with.

Your Unique Growth Rate

Another factor is the rate of growth unique to your body.  Some guys’ beard and head hair grow more than one half of an inch per month, while other guys see less than that on a monthly basis.

Final Barbershop Thoughts…

How often you go to the barber depends on a lot of things, including your desired length, the style you’re trying to achieve and the unique growth rate of your hair, including the hair that’s on your face.  While most men find that once a month is fine, only you know how frequently you should go in order to achieve the look that you’re going for.  Keep the above factors in mind before you plan your next visit to the barbershop.