Keeping Your Long Hair in Better Condition During the Winter Months

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A lot of our Don Juan Pomade customers swear by our products because they keep their hair in excellent condition thanks to the unique formulas containing plant-based ingredients.  But, guys with long hair have to take extra care during the harsh winter months, due to the fact that longer hair is already prone to dryness and damage, and many weather-related factors can really take their toll.

Today, we’ll be talking about tips that you can use to improve the condition of your hair once the cold season comes around.  These tips will ensure that your hair is hydrated and healthy no matter what’s going on outdoors.

Tip #1: Use a Deep Conditioner

Winter tends to dry things out, because the air is lacking in humidity that provides hydration.  This happens to our hair, where a lack of moisture in the air sucks the hydration out of each strand.  This is why extra moisture is needed during the winter months, especially if your hair is long.  The best way to give your hair that much-needed boost is by investing in a deep conditioner to use weekly.

Tip #2: Don’t Use Scalding Hot Water

Many guys prefer extremely hot showers, especially when the weather outside is frigid.  But, unfortunately, hot water can damage your long hair, causing it to lose its ability to retain moisture.  If you can, opt for lukewarm instead, as this won’t cause any damage.

Tip #3: Be Wary of Hat Hair

A lot of us bundle up during the cold months, and this includes sticking on a warm hat.  But, certain hat materials are highly absorbent, meaning that they can actually draw moisture out of your hair and into their fibers.  Try to stick to microfiber and natural materials when choosing the perfect winter hat to keep your head warm.

Tip #4: Use Don Juan Pomade Products

At Don Juan Pomade, we make a spectacular variety of styling products with your hair’s unique needs in mind.  Our pomades do so much more than help you achieve a great style, however.  They’re loaded with natural, plant-based ingredients that hydrate the strands deep beneath the surface, while giving them nutrients that they need to remain healthy all winter long.  We offer a wide range of pomade products formulated for different hair types, which means that even our long-haired buddies can find exactly what they need.

Don Juan Pomade also acts as a protectant once the weather gets cold.  It uses natural plant butters to lock in that moisture, meaning that once it’s in, it won’t be going anywhere.

Tip #5: Avoid Harsh Drying Agents

We highly recommend that guys with longer hair avoid harsh haircare ingredients, at least during the winter months.  Ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances can strip hair of moisture while irritating the scalp, which can lead to dandruff.  If you can, opt for sulfate-free haircare products made with natural ingredients, and carefully read through the lists of ingredients before you buy your products.  Trust us when we say that doing this can make an enormous difference, as you’d be surprised by how many commercial haircare products for men are capable of drying out your hair dramatically.

Your Long Hair Needs to Receive a Little Extra Love

Especially during the winter months, when harsh winds, dry air and intense cold can all cause damage.  Use the tips above to keep your hair in great shape all winter long.  And, remember that Don Juan Pomade has what it takes to keep your hair healthy and soft during the winter season.