Don Juan Pomade Can Work for Men with Dreadlocks

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October 28, 2019
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Do you have dreadlocks?  If so, you might have been mistakenly told that you can’t apply any product to them in order to maintain them.  Well, today, we’re here to tell you that that’s simply not the case.  Many of our Don Juan Pomade customers have dreads, and they specifically use our products to condition and maintain their style.

How Don Juan Pomade Can Help Your Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are extremely unique in that they’re bunches of hair that are closely bound together by the natural oils that the follicles excrete.  This natural oil, known as sebum, is how they stick together more and more over time.  We know that dreads require special care as many standard hair care methods could undo them or make them appear stringy rather than strong and robust.

We also know that dreadlocks tend to need a lot of moisture.  Due to the way in which the hairs are bonded, it can be very hard for sebum to travel down to the ends, meaning that they’re at a high risk of damage due to dehydration and dryness.  This is why we always suggest that our dreaded friends use a product that’s packed with moisturizing ingredients but won’t undo them over time.

Our pomades, therefore, are absolutely perfect for this hairstyle.  They’re rich in nourishing plant oils and butters that get deep into the strands in order to revitalize their health.  This means that our pomades can provide you with all of the nourishment that you need in order to know for certain that your hair is completely healthy.

In addition, our pomades are excellent styling tools.  They can help hasten the process of creating dreads in the first place by forcing the strands to stay together.  Additionally, they can keep established dreads in place while smoothing them down so that you don’t have to deal with annoying flyaways that get in the way of that sleek appearance.

Our pomades are unique in that they contain all-natural formulas consisting of plant-based ingredients.  This means that they won’t cause damage to those strands and follicles over time.  Many pomades are very harsh and can cause scalp issues and breakage that can lead to you having to cut off those dreads.

How to Use Don Juan Pomade for Dreadlocks

Now, let’s get into the ways in which our pomades can benefit your dreads.  First, you need to choose which pomade you want.  We offer two types of formulas: wax-based and water-based.  Wax-based formulas are stickier and thicker, as you can imagine, which is great for guys with more unruly hair that’s prone to frizz and split ends.  Our water-based formulas are more for guys with hair that’s on the thin side.

We also offer pomades in a variety of holds and finishes.  Whether you want a medium or strong hold, and a matte or shiny finish, we have what you need.  So, choose your pomade based on your unique preferences.

Now, if you’re only beginning your dreadlock journey, we recommend using our pomade to carefully twist individual sections of your hair, helping them stick together.  Do this daily until the hair is “trained” to do this on its own.

If you’ve had dreads for a while, you can simply apply a small amount of pomade to each individual dreadlock each day.  Simply scoop out some pomade with your fingertips and rub your hands together.  Then, gently and carefully slide the pomade down the dread, making sure that you get plenty on the ends so that they stay nourished.  You can do this as part of your morning routine, because our pomades provide hold that lasts all day long.  Plus, applying our pomade to your dreads daily will give you the confidence that your hair is being well cared for with loads of nutrients on a daily basis.

Don’t “Dread” Styling Those Locks Anymore!

Our formulas are carefully created to benefit the hair while helping achieve and maintain flawless style.  If you’re rocking dreads, our pomades may be exactly what you need in order to make them look and feel better than ever before while ensuring that they stay in place.