How to Properly Keep Definition in Your Beard and Hair

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We as men do everything that we can to control the way in which our beards and hair look.  We use all of the best products, we stay on top of those trims, we comb them throughout the day, and we are careful to avoid anything harsh that might damage those follicles.

But, there’s one thing that we can’t control, and it is age.  As we get older, it’s normal for our hair and beards to lose definition.  This is largely because of the fact that once we reach a certain age, our hair follicles begin underperforming.  This leads to patches of hair loss that eventually spread to our entire faces and heads.  So, a lack of definition is fairly inevitable as that hair loss makes clean lines difficult to achieve.

Another thing that happens is our hair becomes thinner.  Thinner strands mean less definition, because in order for those lines to be fully defined, you need a contrast between the bare skin and the thick hair strands.  To make matters even more complicated, gray hair can interfere with definition as it blends in more with the skin.

Tips for Maintaining Definition Over the Years

So, what can men do to maintain definition for as long as possible once the aging process begins?  We’re here to help you figure that out.

Don’t Miss Those Shaping Sessions

Shaping your beard and hair is especially important as you get older.  As we said, thinness, balding and graying can all throw off those clear lines.  Do your best to overcompensate by consistently maintaining a clear shape.  We recommend having this done professionally, unless you happen to be very skilled at barber techniques yourself.

Trims are Essential

We know that we must trim our hair and beards every couple of months at the very least if we want to maintain a neat and tidy look.  This is especially important as we age, because the texture of our hair changes, as does the color.  This means that our hair and beards are more likely to look messy and disheveled once we reach a certain age.  Maintaining neatly and evenly trimmed hair is the best way to overcome this.

Coloring Products May Be Your Friend

If graying hair is throwing off your definition, you may want to look into coloring options.  Today, there are many options available for both hair and beards.  If you don’t want to go for a full color, you can go for salt-and-pepper dyes that look more age-appropriate.  The best part is that you can either color your hair yourself or have it done at a salon, depending on your budget and what you’re more comfortable with.

Texturizing Products Add Thickness and Fullness

Because hair thins as we age, we must find a way to maintain fullness and thickness, even if it means cheating a little.  There are lots of products out there that are made to add texture to your beard and hair by thickening the strands.  Certain pomades and other wax-based products are great at making hair look thicker than it is.  Plus, these products allow you to manipulate the direction of each strand so that you can cover thinner spots with healthier hair.  So, explore the range of texturizing products out there, and try them out until you find one that suits your unique needs.

Combing and Brushing Make a Difference

Combing and brushing are essential, especially as we get older.  For one thing, because hair loses thickness gradually, it’s more prone to tangling as fine hair knots more easily.  This can create a disheveled look that is anything but defined.  Additionally, combing and brushing allow you to move hair over parts that have become thin or bald, which can help strengthen those bold lines.

Maintain Good Health for Ageless Hair

Good health is key if you want to have healthy, defined hair for a long time to come.  We recommend eating a balanced diet as our hair needs a wide variety of nutrients in order to be in good shape.  We also recommend increasing exercise and limiting stress and alcohol as these can cause the follicles to underperform prematurely.

Besides paying attention to your inner health, we suggest using products that are healthier for your hair as well.  Natural products are considered far better for your beard and hair than ones that contain synthetic filler ingredients.  That’s because they’re gentler, and they contain plant-based nutrients that can benefit your hair in a variety of ways.

Maintain Your Beard and Hair Definition Today!

One of the unavoidable facts of life is that as we get older, the hair on our faces and heads begins to suffer.  This means that we can lose those clearly defined lines if we’re not careful.  But, the tips above will help you maintain definition for as long as possible.