Keep Your Hair Combs Clean!

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July 7, 2019
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Are you cleaning your hair comb regularly?  Be honest.  Many men tend to neglect this crucial step, underestimating how important this step actually is.  It turns out that hair combs need plenty of attention, much like your hair itself.  After all, most of us spend a nice amount of cash on a high-quality comb that’s meant to last for a lifetime.  Therefore, it would make sense that you’d want to take care of it in order for it to look and operate like new.

Why It’s So Important to Clean Your Combs

So, why is it so important to keep those combs clean?  And, how do you even properly clean them in the first place?  Allow us to be your guide.


Our hands have a lot of bacteria on them.  That’s just a fact.  And, touching that comb throughout the day transfers germs onto the comb itself.  That means that you’re likely running bacteria through your hair and against your scalp, which can lead to some unwanted issues after a while.  So, cleaning your comb isn’t just about cleanliness – it’s about hygiene.


If you use product in your hair, which most men do, you’re going to transfer trace amounts of that product onto your comb.  Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but over time, that comb can accumulate a lot of product buildup that appears as a film of gunk.  This can interfere with your comb’s ability to comb your hair, and it can also redistribute that gunky buildup into your hair.  Gross.


All of us have natural oils in our hair that come from the scalp.  Over time, those oils get transferred to the comb, and then the comb retransfers those oils back into your hair.  Now, maybe you don’t want to be combing oil into your hair.  Well, cleaning your comb regularly will prevent that from happening.

How to Clean Your Hair Combs

Now, let’s discuss how you should properly clean your comb.  First, let’s talk about frequency.  We suggest cleaning your comb once or twice each week, depending on how often you use it.  And, it’s worth pointing out that whether you’re using a metal, wood or plastic comb, the cleaning technique is the same.

First, remove any loose hairs from the teeth of the comb.  Then, soak the comb in warm water for about five minutes.  This will dislodge grease and grime so that it’s easier to clean.  After the five minutes are up, take a toothbrush and dip it into some dish soap.  Dish soap is ideal because it’s specially formulated to dissolve grease and strip away dirt.

Now, take that soapy toothbrush and carefully but thoroughly clean the comb.  We mean all of the comb.  Get between those teeth and scrub all the way down to the handle.  Little by little, you should see grime coming off, and before long, that comb should look brand new.

Now, give that comb a solid rinse under lukewarm water.  This will remove any remaining soap, because you don’t want that soap getting into your hair as it’s very harsh.  Now, you can simply allow it to try or use a paper towel to dry it more quickly.

Use This Guide to Ensure that You Clean Those Combs Properly

Cleaning those hair combs is an essential practice that should be part of your weekly routine.  Otherwise, your combs may not last for a long time, and they can also fail to do their job properly.  Besides, who wants to run a dirty comb through their hair?