Should Darker Hair or Lighter Hair Shine More?

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June 20, 2019
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Some men want their hair to be shiny while others put a lot of work into making it matte.  Whether you love shine or avoid it like the plague, there are definitely some things that increase that level of shininess while other factors take it away completely.  In order to control your shine levels like a styling pro, you’ll need to know what causes shine in the first place and how to achieve it or dim it using your styling products.

How Does Shine Happen?

When hair is truly healthy, it should have a natural shine to it.  Hair that’s shining is smooth, undamaged, nourished and hydrated.  Think about when we put a lotion on our skin.  That subtle shininess is a sign that the moisture levels are adequate, which means that our skin contains enough water.  And, water reflects light, thus creating a shine.

With hair, shine is a sign that there’s enough water in each strand to reflect light.  So, in theory, shine is a good thing as it signals healthy hair.

However, some men prefer not to have shiny hair, and there are ways to achieve that, mainly by using a matte styling product.

Does Darker Hair or Lighter Hair Shine More?

Basically, the darker the hair, the more shine you’ll see.  That’s not because darker hair is healthier and more hydrated, but because darker colors reflect light more than light colors.  Light hair can be shiny too, but you won’t really see that level of light reflection in hair that’s lighter than strawberry blonde.  Hair that’s black is the most likely to be extremely shiny.

Does This Change When Using a Pomade?

Using a pomade can absolutely increase or decrease the shine level of your hair.  For instance, we at Don Juan Pomade have created a wide range of pomade formulas in varying levels of shine.  We have mattifying pomades that get rid of that shine so that hair has a nice, matte finish.  And, we have pomades that increase the shine level significantly so that your hair looks super nourished and glossy.  Of course, we also offer products that deliver medium amounts of shine for a very healthy yet natural look.

How to Control Your Shine Level with Pomade

If you want to increase your shine level, we recommend one of our pomades that provides a strong shine.  If you want to mattify the look of your hair, our Handcrafted Matte Cream can do the job beautifully without drying out those strands.

Other Ways to Increase That Natural Shine

If your hair is naturally dull rather than shiny, it can be a sign that something is wrong.  Or, if you have blonde hair, you might be struggling to see that shine that you notice on your dark-haired friends.  Follow these tips to increase the health of your hair for a natural glossy appearance, if that’s what you’re after.

Moisture is Everything

Like we said earlier, hair that’s not shiny but dull can signal dehydration.  Hair needs a ton of moisture regularly because the weather and other factors dry it out throughout the day.  So, make an effort to use a high-quality conditioner as well as a leave-in or a hair oil.

Don’t Use Harsh Shampoo Products

Many men use harsh shampoos that strip hair of their natural oils.  If you want the shiniest hair of all, go with a sulfate-free cleanser that carefully removes dirt and oil without stripping those natural moisturizing factors that your scalp produces to keep strands healthy and shiny.  And, only shampoo when needed as for men with thicker hair, washing daily is too much.

Plant-Based Styling Products are the Way to Go

We always recommend going with pomades and other styling products that contain all-natural formulas derived from plant-based ingredients.  Generally, plant-based ingredients are gentler on your hair, preserving that natural shine that signals that it’s as healthy as can be.  Avoid harsh chemicals that dry and damage hair beyond repair little by little.

Shine on Doing it Your Way

If you want to be in control of your hair’s shine level, this guide is for you.  Whether your hair is dark or light, you’ll be able to decide how much your locks reflect light while you rock a styling pomade.