3 Key Tips for Stopping Pomade from Getting Dry and Hardened

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June 10, 2019
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If you’re a man who cares about the style of his hair, it’s likely that you’ve got a pomade in your product inventory at all times.  Pomade can do wonders in terms of giving hair texture, smoothing down frizz and keeping things nice and tidy overall.  But pomade can also get dry, hard, flaky and clumpy, sabotaging every effort that you’ve made to achieve a flawless style.

So, why does pomade get so weird looking under certain circumstances?  And, are there ways to avoid that?  We’ll be helping you avoid that dry and hardened look with some tips below.

What is Pomade and Why Does it Tend to Get Dry and Hard?

Pomade is any waxy styling product that comes in a jar and is applied with the palms and fingertips.  It’s a fairly heavy formula which is why it’s used in small amounts to texturize hair or smooth down flyaways and frizz.  Because of its thick, waxy consistency, it tends to last in the hair all day long, and requires a serious washing session to come out.  But, because of its long-lasting nature, many men prefer using it over other types of styling products.

Tip #1: The Formula is Everything

First, it’s crucial that you go with a high-quality formula.  A lot of pomades that harden quickly do so because they contain cheap ingredients that cause the formula to bind once it comes into contact with the natural oils in your hair.  This causes the product to become hard like gel rather than soft and pliable like wax.  And, it means that you’ll end up having clumps of hair that look like icicles and possibly flake.

So, go with a pomade that contains an all-natural formula consisting of plant-based ingredients.  These ingredients don’t compete with the natural oils in your hair – in fact, they help supply your hair with even more moisture.

Tip #2: Don’t Over-Apply

Another big mistake that men make is applying far too much pomade to their hair.  Pomade is such a thick product that you only need a tiny bit to accomplish the look you’re trying to create.  Scooping out a big amount will only change the texture of your hair for the worse.  So, start with a tiny little bit on your fingertips and add a little bit more at a time as needed.

Tip #3: Wash the Product Out Each Night

Lastly, make sure that you thoroughly wash your pomade out of your hair each night before applying more in the morning.  Pomade clings to each hair cuticle which means that it doesn’t just come out on its own.  You need a solid shampooing session to really clean that off.  If you don’t, you’ll just be applying pomade on top of pomade each morning, which will cause you to accumulate so much product that your hair will look hard and dry rather than nice and styled.  Besides, your hair will start to look greasy due to product buildup.

Keep These Pomade Tips Handy

Using pomade doesn’t mean that you have to deal with that weird hardened look that can develop after applying the product to your hair.  Follow these instructions to make sure that your hair never looks dry and clumpy again after using pomade.