Which Type of Slicked Back Hairstyle Will You Choose?

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The slicked back hairstyle look has never exactly gone out of style, but it has come back in a big way this summer.  More and more variations on the classic look are popping up in barbershops across the country, and more and more men are trying to put their own unique spin on this timeless style.

So, which slicked back style is right for you?  We’ve made a list of the most popular variations of the season so that you can decide which is right for you.  Additionally, we’ve broken down the ways in which you can achieve these looks effortlessly.

How to Do the Slicked Back Look

Basically, in order to create that slicked back look each day, you need three to five inches of hair on the front of your crown that you can comb back.  To do this, apply a nice amount of pomade to that section of your hair when it’s still damp after the shower.  Remember that pomade is such a thick substance that you don’t need to use a ton.  Now, carefully comb or brush that hair straight back toward the back of your head.  If your hair stays that way, great.  If your hair is a bit more coarse, you may want to use some hairspray to ensure that it stays put.

If you have extremely fine hair that doesn’t have much volume, you can try teasing the front section to make it look more eye-catching.  Hold the front portion of your hair straight up with one hand, and use the other hand to comb the hair down.  This will create volume at the roots so that when it’s time to slick that hair back, it puffs up a little more in the front.

The Most Popular Slicked Back Styles of 2019 (And How to Achieve Them)
Slicked Back Fade

The slicked back fade is arguably the hairstyle of the season thanks to its universally flattering look and its low-maintenance nature.  The hair is parted on both sides just below the horizontal bang line, the rest is faded very short all the way down.  With this look, you can decide how much volume you want that pomp to have.

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut is a great look that’s a little more edgy.  Only the slicked back portion remains, and the rest is buzzed very close to the head.  Many men who rock this style grow their bangs out very long so that they can be combed back beyond the crown for a more balanced look.

Long Slicked Back

The long slicked back look involves growing the bangs out very long and keeping the sides and back at a medium length.  The front portion is highly texturized with pomade before getting combed back far past the crown of the head.

Slicked Back Undercut Fade

For this look, the front portion is kept nice and long and slicked back with some volume in the front.  Then, the undercut is faded slightly for a more tapered look.  Still, the pomp is nice and voluminous to provide contrast.

Thick Slick Back Fade

For this look, the sides are given a close fade and the front portion that’s slicked back is given extra volume.  This allows for a very high pomp that’s extremely voluminous, providing a great contrast between the sides and the top.  Basically, with this look, the more volume in the front section, the better.

Brushed Back Pomp with Fade

For this look, the front portion is styled more upward than straight back to create a clearly defined pomp.  Then, the sides are very gradually faded so that rather than there being an abrupt, defined line, everything looks tapered and natural.

Slicked Back High Undercut Fade

This is perhaps the most attention-grabbing look on the list.  The front is slicked all the way back, and the undercut starts extremely high on the sides of the head and fades gradually.  It produces a clearly defined line between the top portion and the sides.


If you’re ready to enjoy a slicked back look this summer, simply ask your barber about which one of these styles will work best for you.