A Man’s Guide to Dealing with Frizzy Hair in Humid Conditions

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We all know what happens on that first really humid day of the year.  We spend all morning getting ready to leave the house, making sure that our hair is neat and styled.  Then, within an hour of being in the outside world, our hair looks frizzy, frazzled and out of control.

If you’re tired of falling victim to humidity in the form of frizzy hair, we at Don Juan Pomade have got you covered.  We’ve carry variety of products that can help you beat that unkempt look.  Plus, we’ve got some helpful tips that will help you keep your hair smooth and shiny no matter what’s going on outside.

What Causes Frizz in Humid Weather?

Frizz is the natural result of humidity that has permeated the hair shaft.  When the air is full of moisture, that moisture makes its way into the hair itself, causing it to essentially bloat.  This means that hair that was sleek and smooth just hours ago becomes swollen due to the excess amount of water that’s inside of it.

When it comes to humidity, some men are more prone to frizz than others.  This largely has to do with the type of hair that he has.  Many men who have fine, thin and straight hair don’t end up with noticeable frizz after spending time outdoors on a high-humidity day.  But, men who have more curly, coarse or thick hair are more likely to end up with frizz.

Why?  It has to do with the way in which the hair retains moisture.  Dry, coarse and curly hair types are prone to having hair that’s more on the dry side.  That’s because the natural oils that the scalp produces have a harder time traveling down to the ends of the hair.  And, hair that’s naturally on the dry side is more likely to react to humidity by absorbing as much water from the air as possible.

How Can Men Combat Frizz During the Humid Summer Months?

Now that you know what causes fizziness when it comes to high humidity, here are some prevention tips:

Tip #1: Use a Pomade

First, you want to get your hands on a high-quality pomade, like the ones that we offer at Don Juan Pomade.  A pomade is your insurance against frizz as it seals the hair strands, preventing that moisture from the air from getting in.  A pomade also helps keep your hair smooth and styled no matter how humid it is outside.

Tip #2: Moisture is Key

Always make sure that you supply your hair with plenty of moisture.  Use a rich conditioner and a hair oil in order to ensure that your hair never gets too dry.  Remember that dry hair is more prone to frizz than hair that’s naturally hydrated.

Tip #3: Don’t Towel-Dry

Towel-drying can make frizz even more of a problem.  The terry cloth material from which towels are made creates too much friction against your hair’s cuticles, and frizz is the result.  Instead of a traditional bath towel, consider using a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel.  These are way gentler on your hair and won’t agitate the cuticles nearly as much.

Tip #4: Don’t Shampoo Too Frequently

Shampoo is important, but not every hair type can handle it every single day.  Guys with dry hair should only shampoo a few times each week.  That’s because shampoo is naturally drying due to the ingredients it contains.

Pomades at Don Juan Can Combat Frizz for Smooth and Tidy Hair

At Don Juan Pomade, we can help you beat frizz with our wide selection of pomades.  Our pomades contain natural moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair from getting too dry, while ensuring that you keep that flawless style all day long.  We’ve got a wide variety of pomades to accommodate every type of hair under the sun.  Whether your hair is thick and curly or thin and pin-straight, we’ve got a pomade for you that will leave you looking great all summer long.

The key is using one of our pomades once each day.  In the morning, apply the pomade to your hair.  This will ensure that your hair looks great well into the evening hours.

No More Frizzy Hair!

Frizz is definitely a common annoyance once the summertime hits.  However, there are some easy ways to minimize the appearance of frizzy hair.  Grab a pomade at Don Juan Pomade to keep that style looking nice and smooth no matter what.