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May 7, 2019
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May 21, 2019

We know that a lot of our Don Juan Pomade customers have busy lifestyles, and that’s why we’ve created a line of travel-friendly pomades for your grooming needs on the road.  These pomades come in plane-friendly sizes and are extremely easy to squeeze into your bag.  Most importantly, they boast the same exceptional formulas that made our pomades some of the most beloved on the men’s haircare market.

If you’re planning on taking a trip this time of year, we recommend getting your hands on one of our Travel Mini Pomades.  These pomades come in 1oz jars that are compatible with TSA guidelines, meaning that you won’t have to transfer your hair product to another jar just so that you can get onto a plane.

Our Travel Mini Pomades are essential travel items that no man should ever be without.  If you follow a daily haircare routine, a pomade is a must-have.  You’re going to want to look your very best while you’re checking out the sights, and our pomade formulas ensure that your hair looks neat, styled and free of frizz.

Exceptional Formulas

Anyone who has used one of our signature pomades knows that our formulas can’t be beat.  We strive to create formulas that are made with natural ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp.  That’s why our pomades are so good at making your hair look and feel healthier than ever.  We use plant-based ingredients like olive oil and jojoba oil to hydrate each and every strand deep beneath the cuticle.

And, our pomades smell amazing as well.  That’s because we prefer organic essential oils over cheap synthetic fragrances.  The essential oils that we use to fragrance our pomades do more than make them smell fantastic.  These essential oils are known for calming scalp irritation and preventing fungus and bacteria from causing common problems like dandruff.

Different Pomade to Select From

At Don Juan Pomade, we understand that every man’s hair has its own unique set of needs.  That’s why we offer such a wide array of pomade formulas.  This way, whether you’ve got fine, limp hair that needs a boost or frizzy, coarse hair that needs to be tamed, you can take care of your needs with one of our signature Travel Mini Pomades.

We offer both wax-based and water-based formulas.  Our water-based formulas are great for men with finer, thinner or straighter hair as they’re light enough to help you style and add texture without weighing things down.  Our wax-based formulas, meanwhile, help men with thick, coarse or curly hair smooth down frizz and keep things neat and tidy rather than unkempt.

We also offer our Blackout Pomade in a travel-friendly size.  This pomade allows you to darken your hair color with natural ingredients, and the color can easily be washed out at the end of the night.  It’s also great for any man who is trying to achieve a classic slicked back look.

We’ve got pomades in a variety of shines and strengths, so whether you’re going for a retro greaser style or an intricate spiked look, you can find what you need at Don Juan Pomade.

Travel in Don Juan Style

We got your traveling needs taken care of with our line of Travel Mini Pomades.  These 1oz jars are perfect for taking with you on your journey.  And, most importantly, they’ll help you achieve the flawless hairstyle that you’re after.