Top 3 2019 Wintertime Beard Oils from Don Juan Pomade

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During the chilly months of winter, it’s extra important that we keep our beards and skin properly hydrated. Cold, dry air notoriously robs hair and skin of moisture, leaving it more prone to frizz, breakage and dullness.

If you want to keep your beard looking and feeling its best all winter long, any of these three beard oils from Don Juan Pomade will do the trick. Made with plant-based ingredients, these oils will keep your skin free of irritation while making your beard soft, glossy and unbelievably healthy. Plus, they smell absolutely wonderful!

#3: Sailor Beard Oil

If the winter season has you drooling over warm and spicy aromas, Sailor Beard Oil is the way to go. A blend of citrusy tangerine and spicy clove essential oils will invigorate you all day long. This seasonal fragrance is just heavy enough to intoxicate the people around you throughout the day. It nourishes your skin and facial hair thanks to a blend of nutrient-rich, deeply hydrating ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

#2: Libertine Beard Oil

Many of us feel a lack of energy and motivation once we get to the middle of the winter season. Those dark, dreary and chilly days can give us a serious case of the winter blues. If you want to feel uplifted and energized no matter what’s happening outside, give our Libertine Beard Oil a try. With a blend of sweet orange, tangerine and vanilla essential oils, you’ll feel your spirits lift as these oils’ mood-lifting properties take effect. This isn’t just good for the winter blues though. Vitamin E prevents your skin from getting irritated due to dry weather. Plus, a blend of deeply moisturizing oils ensure that your beard stays perfectly soft and smooth all winter long.

#1: Craftsman Beard Oil

Craftsman Beard Oil truly captures the aromas that we savor during the cold winter months. Cedarwood, pine and cypress oils make us feel like we’ve entered a winter wonderland. If you’re all about the winter season, this is the oil for you. And thanks to a blend of jojoba oil, squalane and vitamin E, you’ll have a perfectly soft and healthy beard that is protected from those harsh winter winds.

Grab These Winter Beard Oils Today!

These beard oils will help you embrace the winter season by intoxicating you with their seasonal fragrances and giving your beard the boost that it needs to maintain its health during the cold months ahead.