What is Beard-Shedding, and Can it Be Avoided or Limited?

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January 12, 2019
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Millions of men across the world have been horrified to find several strands of beard hairs in their combs after their grooming sessions. While shedding of the beard can be quite unnerving, it’s actually natural for a number of beard hairs to fall out each day. However, for those who feel that their beard is losing more hairs than it’s producing, you might need to make certain changes to your daily habits.

What Causes Your Beard to Shed?

Hair growth is a cyclical process. Each follicle produces a hair that grows up until a certain point. Once a hair strand has fully matured, its follicle produces a new hair that pushes the old one out. As a result, we lose hairs as new ones take their places.

How many individual beard hairs you lose daily depends on the size and shape of your beard? However, keep in mind that we lose about 100 of the hairs on our head each day.

Can Shedding be a Sign of a Serious Problem?

As you can see, shedding is natural and indicative of healthy follicles. However, some men find that they lose a significant amount of beard hairs each day while others find that as their hairs shed, the follicles don’t produce new ones to take their places, resulting in bald spots.

If you’re concerned about the rate at which your beard sheds, it is always a good idea to speak to your primary care physician. Sometimes, shedding can be caused by a nutritional deficiency or an illness. Some simple bloodwork should be able to rule out any underlying issues.

How Can I Keep My Beard from Shedding Too Much?

There are several ways to control this:

Don’t Comb or Brush it Too Frequently or Aggressively

For the obsessive groomer, you might be brushing or combing your hair too often or too aggressively. The act of brushing or combing your beard gently tugs on your facial hairs. If you’re not careful, you may end up pulling out an excessive level of hairs in the process.

Manage Your Testosterone Levels

In order for facial hair to grow, you need an adequate level of testosterone in your body. For men who suspect their testosterone levels to be on the low side, consider making some changes as far as your diet and lifestyle habits are concerned.

Maintain a Daily Beard Care Routine

Taking good care of your beard each day is crucial to the health of your facial hair. Cleansing your beard helps ward off bacteria and fungus that can clog the follicles and cause hairs to fall out. Keeping your beard and skin properly moisturized prevents breakage that can result in hair loss.

Use Only High-Quality Products

Always use high-quality, plant-based products on your beard. Many commercial beard care products contain harsh ingredients that can damage your hair follicles. At Don Juan Pomade, we carry quality bead oils for instance that help keep your beard looking healthy and smelling fresh.

Take the Right Steps

Although it’s normal for beards to shed, taking the necessary steps to ensure that your beard doesn’t lose more hairs than its follicles are capable of producing is still important to do.