Avoid Chipping or Breaking Your Don Juan Combs

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For those out there who just purchased one of our handcrafted Don Juan Pomade combs, you’re in for a treat. Unlike many combs that are on the market, our combs are carefully designed and constructed according to barbers’ standards. Each is made from uniquely durable materials in order to last.

While our combs are made to last for a long time, accidents do happen. If you want to prevent chipping or breaking your precious comb, these tips are for you.

Choose Your Pocket Wisely

There is nothing wrong with taking your comb with you on the road each day. In fact, many men find that a midday grooming session is necessary. However, if you’re going to be carrying your comb around with you all day long, it’s important to store it properly.

We strongly suggest that you avoid keeping your comb in your back pocket at all costs. While our combs are made from strong materials, they can’t necessarily handle the weight of your body when you sit down on them. If you can, keep your comb in the front pocket of your pants or the pocket of your shirt.

Use High-Quality Hair Products

It’s very important that you maintain high standards when it comes to the products that you use in your hair. Besides damaging your hair, low-quality styling products can result in a broken comb. Many commercial hair care products cause hair to become sticky, tangled and crunchy. Constantly running a comb across this type of hair texture can wear down the teeth and eventually break the comb.

Of course, you can find loads of excellent hair care products available at Don Juan Pomade. Our products are designed to provide you with the hold that you desire without making hair hard or tacky.

Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair While You Wash

While our combs are excellent at removing the tangles that accumulate throughout the day, we still suggest that you comb your hair with your fingers while washing it. Hair that is wet can be detangled very easily. By doing this, you won’t be forcing your comb to do all of the hard work.

Always Store Your Comb in a Safe Place

When you’re not using your comb, be very careful with where you leave it. Some of our combs are made from materials that may chip if they fall from a great height. We suggest storing your comb in a drawer when it is not in use.

Grip Your Comb Firmly When You’re Using It

When you are using your Don Juan Pomade comb, make sure that you grip it firmly. After all, dropping it onto a hard surface can cause it to chip.

Keep Your Combs in Good Condition

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your Don Juan Pomade comb will continue to give you a flawless style for years to come.