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Before most men get into the world of grooming, they don’t realize the wide variety of comb grips and gripping styles that are out there. Surprisingly, the type of comb grip and the way in which you grip your comb can have significant effects on how well you style your hair.

The good news is that the world of grips isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem. Generally speaking, the type of grip and gripping style that’s best for you depends on your hair type and your hair length.

For Short, Straight and Fine Hair

If your hair is short, straight and on the finer side, opt for a comb that doesn’t have a handle. For this hair type, the width of the grip isn’t that important as you don’t need that much surface area while you comb your hair.

To comb your hair back, firmly hold the center of the grip with your fingers. If you’re just looking to rid your hair of tangles, you can grip the edge of the comb instead.

For Short, Thick and Wavy or Curly Hair

For this hair type, you’re going to want a handle-free comb that has a wider grip.  That’s because you’ll need a stronger, more secure grip in order to get through all of those thick waves or curls.  Also, make sure that the grip isn’t made from a flimsy material.

If you’re just trying to detangle unruly strands, hold the grip about two inches away from one end of the comb while you groom your hair.  If you’re trying to style your hair by combing it all in one specific direction, hold the comb at the center of the grip instead.

For Long Hair

If your hair is longer than your chin, you’ll probably benefit most from a comb that has a handle.  A handle gives you more leverage as you run your comb along those long strands.  Generally speaking, a handled comb is more effective when it comes to getting rid of those tangles that can make your long hair look messy and clumpy.

If your long hair is particularly thick, make sure that you grip the handle of your comb very firmly.  Otherwise, you might drop your comb and break it as you run it through knotted areas.

For Beards

Beard combs are also available with and without handles.  Typically, a beard comb with a handle is best for longer beards.  Men with shorter beards tend to do just fine with a handle-free comb.  Also, if your beard hair is thick, make sure that you grip your comb extra firmly.

Finding the Right Comb Gripping Technique That Works for You

Whether your hair is very short and fine or long and unruly, there’s a comb grip and a gripping technique that will have it looking its best.