Why Does Don Juan Pomade Make the Perfect Holiday Gift?

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November 21, 2020
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At Don Juan Pomade, we spend all year shipping out our beloved pomades and other men’s grooming products around the world.  But the holidays are always a special time for us, because we feel a little extra festive knowing that many of the products we’re sending out are going to be someone’s next favorite present.

‘Tis the Hair Care Season

The formulas that we create make for excellent presents, acting as excellent stocking stuffers as well as presents wrapped with a bow.  If you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift for a certain man in your life, whether he be a significant other, a family member or that co-worker who you know next to nothing about, we’ve got you covered.

Guys are Hard to Shop for

Let’s be real – we’re not the easiest ones to shop for when it comes to gift-giving.  Our tastes are picky, we already have most of the stuff we want, and most of us don’t want a bunch of stuff we’re probably never going to use.  That’s why Don Juan Pomade products are a great option.  Any guy will get lots of use out of what we offer, whether it be that perfect hair comb or the ultimate pomade formula for using daily.

Every Guy Could Use a Hair or Beard Upgrade

Most guys are walking around with hair that has so much potential but needs the right products in order to take it to a new level.  Giving a guy his first jar of pomade allows him to express his personality through his hair and try out a new look that can increase his overall style.

The same applies to beards, too.  Our beard oils can turn a dull, unhealthy-looking beard into one that’s impossible to resist touching throughout the day.  Basically, any man can benefit from some type of grooming product, and we’ve got all the grooming products a guy could ask for.

We Offer Something for Everyone

We know every guy has a unique hair texture and style that he wants to achieve.  That’s why we have a formula for everyone.  Our pomades come in various hold and shine levels, boasting different formulas for different hair types.  Whether your guy has fine, thin hair or a thick, curly and coarse style, we have a pomade that is ideal for him.  Choosing the right one for his hair shows that you care.

Our Prices are Exceptional

Despite our high-quality products, our prices are very fair, because no guy should have to go broke in his efforts to achieve flawless style.  We know that most holiday shoppers are on a strict budget, having to buy tons of gifts without breaking the bank.  Our products offer a lot of value without costing an arm and a leg, period.

So are Our Formulas

Our formulas are, if we can say so ourselves, excellent.  We stick to natural, plant-derived ingredients, as these are better for men’s hair and beards.  Natural ingredients like plant oils and essential oils don’t just help the hair look and feel its best, but nourish the strands and the skin deeply with extracts and compounds that can only be found in nature.  Using a Don Juan Pomade product isn’t just about looking good – it’s about having healthier hair in the long run.

Because we use natural ingredients, you can count on our formulas being gentle and non-irritating, as you may know a man who has particularly sensitive skin.

Best Holiday Gifts at Don Juan Pomade

Now, let’s discuss some of the best holiday gift ideas that we have at Don Juan Pomade.


Like we said, we have a pomade for every type of man.  Know a guy who likes adventurous spikes?  Try one of our heavy hold formulas made from wax.  Have a buddy who slicks his hair back like he’s in a 1950s movie?  Our high-shine formulas will make his holiday dream come true.  Even a guy who just needs a little tidying up can reach his goals with one of our water-based, lighter-hold formulas which feels weightless but leaves the skin deeply moisturized.

Beard Products

So many men think that having a beard is about growing it out and trimming it regularly.  But, to keep that beard looking its best, you need the right daily products that keep it clean, soft and hydrated.  We offer a generous variety of bundles that combine our signature Beard Wash and Beard Oil formulas, so that the man in your life can have everything he needs to keep his beard in excellent shape.  We also offer more comprehensive beard care kits, along with styling tools, styling balms and so much more.  Basically, no matter what you choose, you’ll be giving a bearded guy exactly what he needs to improve the condition of his facial hair.  Each beard care product is scented with natural essential oils to help him smell his very best, too.


Accessories are just as important as the products, and a lot of guys could use a comb or brush once a day.  We offer a wide variety of high-quality grooming tools including brushes, combs and even barber capes for the true DIY guy you know.  Our grooming tools are all made from exceptionally durable materials and boast unique styles that make them fun to look at and very useful to have.  We have portable combs for the guy who is always messing with his hair when you’re hanging out, as well as more advanced tools for guys who take hair care very seriously.  We also carry apparel items, canvases and more.

Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier Thanks to Don Juan Pomade

This holiday season give the man in your life the gift of effortless style with one of the many products at Don Juan Pomade.  With pomades, beard products, grooming tools, clothing and more, we’ve got your holiday shopping needs covered.  Trust us when we say that he’ll thank you for introducing him to high-quality hair and beard care goods.