Harder or Softer Hairstyle?

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November 7, 2020
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November 21, 2020

Any man who is conscious of his hairstyle knows that there are many choices he must make when it comes to how he maintains it daily.  He must choose the right products, the perfect style to complement his features and the desired texture he wants to achieve.

There’s something else guys need to pay attention to, which is how hard their hair is after using product.  Both harder and softer hairstyles have their place, and can flatter all kinds of men, but must be executed properly to produce the best look.

Harder Styles

This means that the hold of the product is strong, in order to accommodate a more structural look.  Most guys associate harder styles with spiked hair, as a stronger hold, often derived from wax, is necessary to make those spikes stick up and stay in place.  Many men mistakenly think that achieving this is a matter of using more product, when it’s simply choosing a formula with the right hold level for this particular kind of look.

Within the spiked hair look are many unique styles.  The fully spiked look can have spikes of all different sizes, while other guys like to just spike the front.  Either way, the strong hold needed to provide this type of security throughout the day can come from a wide range of ingredients, either natural or synthetic in nature.  Try to choose a natural formula as it’s less likely to put a cast in your hair that can flake throughout the day, looking like dandruff in a way that’s not all that flattering.

While harder hairstyles look very impressive, they do take away from the touchability factor of your hair.  If you want hair that’s soft enough to run your fingers through, or you want that special someone to enjoy touching your hair, a harder style may not be ideal.

Softer Styles

Softer styles are more natural looking, and many men who use pomade to achieve a softer style look like they haven’t used any product at all.  The key is using a pomade with a mild to medium hold, which typically relies on a water-based formula rather than a wax one.  You can do all kinds of things with this type of product, depending on what most flatters you.  Most guys like to run pomade through their hair with their fingers to create a casual, texturized and tousled look, like a more presentable version of bedhead.  Other guys like to gently slick back their hair in order to achieve this soft style, especially if they’re growing their hair out and are dealing with the awkward stage of the process.

Softer hairstyles are touchably soft, and you’ll easily be able to run your fingers through the hair throughout the day.  It’s also less likely to leave a cast that ends up flaking as you go about your daily routine.  But, it won’t keep hair in place as good as the stronger hold formulas, so you may need to reapply periodically.

Also, softer hairstyles may not be as achievable for guys who have naturally coarse or curly hair.  That softness, sadly, just doesn’t happen from pomade alone, as it requires that you have this hair type naturally.

How to Achieve Both with Don Juan Pomade

If you wish to go for either a harder or softer hair style, we’ve got you covered at Don Juan Pomade.  We offer both wax and water-based formulas, available in various hold levels, so that no matter what style you had in mind, you can pull it off with our products.  Our pomades never leave the hair flaky and unnatural looking, and they offer enough hold to keep hairs in place no matter if you want that soft, touchable look or an architectural masterpiece of spikes.

We know that each guy has his own preferred hairstyle, whether it be on the harder or the softer side.  That’s why we offer a variety of pomades to suit every guy’s hair-related needs.  Check out our formulas to see what works for your preferences.