Could You Use More Than One Comb to Style Your Hair?

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September 14, 2020
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Pretty much any guy who cares about his hair uses a comb daily.  A comb is essential if you want to keep things smooth and tidy, distribute product evenly, and ensure that you don’t end up with tangles that eventually need to be cut out.

As you know, the haircare market offers a wide array of combs.  Each is made from different materials, with unique tooth styles and grips.  Choosing the right comb can be difficult.  Why?  Because it’s hard to know instinctively which one is best suited for your unique hair and styling goals.

Reasons Why Two Combs are Better Than One

Interestingly, a lot of men use multiple combs on a daily basis.  This may sound extravagant and unnecessary, but in fact, you may be surprised by how practical this is.  We’ll talk about why using two combs rather than one could actually take your hair to the next level.


A lot of guys have a comb that’s used at home, and one that’s for carrying around in their pocket during the day.  The comb for home use is bigger and sturdier and can break up severe knots.  A pocket comb helps tidy things up periodically, being smaller in size to make it portable.


Sometimes, a guy will splurge on a very fancy, high-end comb made with extremely luxurious materials.  However, they’ll keep a cheaper, more practical one on hand to be used daily.  The “fancier” comb is used occasionally, while the everyday comb can be used daily.  Also, if it starts to fall apart eventually, it’s not a huge loss.


Can make a difference as well.  For example, some combs are geared toward getting rid of tangles, and the separation of teeth determines how well it can do this.  Meanwhile, wider tooth combs are less aggressive, and are great for dispersing your hair care products evenly throughout the strands, from the roots of your hair all the way to their ends.


Finally, you might want to invest in combs made from two different materials.  For instance, some men like to comb in their conditioner when their hair is wet with one comb and use a separate comb when their hair is dry to make their hair neat.  So, they may opt for a water-friendly plastic comb for wet hair, and a smooth, high-quality wooden comb for dry hair.

Make Sure the Comb(s) You’re Using are Made for Comfortable Daily Use

Clearly, there’s an argument for incorporating multiple combs into your daily haircare routine.  If you’re ready to enhance your comb collection, check out Don Juan Pomade.  We offer a generous array of high-quality combs that can each benefit your hair in a unique way.