What Does “Medium Hold” Really Mean When it Comes to Men Styling Their Hair?

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July 21, 2020
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Once a guy decides that he’s gonna put daily effort into styling his hair, it’s not unusual for him to feel a sense of intimidation once he realizes the sheer variety of products that are available.  One factor that a guy must take into consideration is the hold level, which often comes in three levels: strong, medium, and light. For this piece, will be focusing on medium hold.

What is Medium Hold?

Medium hold is, simply put, a medium level of hold.  Hold refers to the stiffness of the hair caused by application of the product.  We use styling products primarily to keep a certain style in place, whether it a messy tousled look or intricate, gravity-defying spikes.  These products to one extent or another harden the hairs in place so that they don’t move throughout the day, ruining the hairstyle.

A strong hold can keep hair perfectly in place, but at the cost of having a very unnatural feel to the hair.  Meanwhile, a light hold is only really adequate for guys with minimal style or hair that’s so fine they barely need much product to do its job.  Medium hold is, well, the happy medium, and thus the most sought-out option of all.

How Can Men Achieve Medium Hold?

Achieving a medium hold level is simply a matter of choosing products that offer it.  There are a lot of hairstyling products on the market, but the problem is that they don’t always indicate the hold level, which means that a guy may end up buying one that’s too heavy or too light for his hair.

Don Juan Pomade: The Perfect Medium Hold for All Day Style

Don Juan Pomade offers all levels of hold with our pomade formulas.  Each specifically states that they are of a medium hold.  This means that you don’t have to pay for a product and hope for the best at the risk of wasting money.  Our medium hold pomades pull off your look using plant-based products that allow for a natural feel, meaning that you can run your fingers through your hair throughout the day while your overall style stays in place.

Our medium hold products typically feature a more water-based formula, as waxes can be extremely thick and weigh down hair, making them more suited for guys with very thick, coarse or curly hair that need a bit more help than the average joe when it comes to completing their style.  These water-based formulas keep the look fresh all day long while feeling nice and light on the scalp, making them a win-win for the large majority of guys.

The Perfect “Medium” Indeed

Medium hold tends to be the perfect level of hold for the majority of guys, helping things stay nice and neat without weighing those hairs down.  If you’re looking for medium hold, check out the selection of hair products at Don Juan Pomade.