Why are Wax-Based Hair Products Best for Taming Men’s Curly Hair?

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July 14, 2020
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If you’ve got naturally curly hair, we feel your pain.  While so many people dream of thick, curly hair, guys who naturally have it know that it can be quite a pain to manage.  Curly hair comes with a host of common issues that need to be managed, but the good news is that the right products can keep it tamed.

Curly Hair and the Problems Unique to it

Hair that’s naturally thick, curly and coarse is naturally more prone to dryness than hair that’s fine, thin and straight.  Why?  For one thing, the hair requires more moisture due to its increased surface area.  Further, the sebum naturally produced by the scalp struggles to travel down curly hair thanks to all of those twists and turns.  Dry hair, as we know, can lead to all kinds of problems including split ends, dullness, and frizz.

And speaking of frizz, ask any curly-haired guy what his hair looks like once the weather gets hot and humid, and he’ll give you an earful.  Humidity is the enemy of curls, causing the individual hairs to swell up and look messy and damaged.

Why Wax-Based Products are Always the Best Choice

Fortunately, curly dudes can simply opt for quality products made for this specific hair type.  It’s recommended that when it comes to styling products, men with curly hair choose ones that are wax-based.  That’s because wax is heavier than water, and so it can tame thicker and curlier hair more efficiently.  While wax may be too heavy for fine hair, for thick and curly hair it does the trick.

Wax-Based Hair Products at Don Juan Pomade: Keep Those Curls Tamed and Defined

Yes, wax-based hair products are the perfect starting point.  But, as you may know, a lot of wax-based styling pomades can be loaded with harsh ingredients that are too drying for curly hair, which is already prone to being moisture-deficient.

However, Don Juan Pomade carries wax-based pomade that doesn’t just style and tame curly hair, but also provides it with essential nutrients and moisture to nourish it as needed, giving it the extra boost that this unique hair type really needs to look and feel its best.

Hair Grease Pomade

Our Hair Grease Pomade boasts a plant-based formula complete with natural oils that supply that moisture as needed, along with botanicals which soothe the scalp and give vitamins and minerals to the follicles for healthier hair growth.  Because curly hair is prone to dryness, we made sure to boost the shine level so that you can say goodbye to dullness.  Plus, the heavy hold ensures that even the most difficult curls stay in place all day long.

This pomade is perfect for all times of the year.  During the dry winter months when curly hair can be especially vulnerable, it seals in moisture.  During the hot and humid days of summer, it has what it takes to combat frizz on a profound level.

Keep Your Curly Hair in Check with Wax-Based Pomades

Sure, having naturally curly hair can feel like a curse, but the reality is that like all hair types, it’s just a matter of finding the right products.  The good news is that at Don Juan Pomade, we have the perfect wax-based pomade formula for guys with thick and curly hair, which is packed with nutrients and capable of taming those curls all day long.