Having Some True Facial Hair Team Spirit!

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December 7, 2019
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Are you a bearded guy who is deeply passionate about sports?  Oh, guys and sports – as we know, some men will do everything for their team.  Lots of men spend a lot of money on high-quality jerseys, collectible team memorabilia and good seats at sporting events.  A lot of men like to deck themselves out before a big game, painting their faces and wearing clothing that reflects their love for their team of choice.

Now, however, some men have found a way to take their team spirit just a bit further.  Yes, we’re talking about beard decorations.  More bearded men are using their facial hair as canvases that allow them to cleverly express their love for their team.  So, how are these guys decorating their beards?

Well, if you wanna take your team spirit to the next level, consider decorating your beard using this article as inspiration.  And, how can you pull it off before your next game?  Well, read on to find out.

Why Are Men Decorating Their Beards Before the Big Game?

Is it surprising that guys are using their beards to show off some team love?  After all, men seem to rarely hold back when it comes to showing how much they love their favorite team.  And, with beards being more popular than ever before, it makes sense that guys are finding ways to decorate their facial hair.

What’re They Doing to Honor Their Favorite Team?

There are two main ways in which guys are decking out their beards before a game.  One is by painting their beards.  Lots of guys are buying spray paint that’s safe for facial hair, and using it to write out the name of their team, paint their facial hair the colors of the team or write a message to an individual player.  This is a particularly fun thing to do if you have a really long beard, because the longer the beard, the more you can paint on it.

Also, guys are finding objects that they can attach to their beards.  One popular method is Christmas ornaments displaying team imagery.  Lighter-weight ornaments can secure snugly into facial hair and last for the remainder of the game.  There are also hair clips, stickable cake toppers and even earrings that can fit into a beard and stay there for the duration of the game.  Of course, you can find your own creative way to decorate your beard, as the sky is the limit.  Guys are getting more and more creative as this trend is really taking off.

How Can I Pull Off This Look?

First, you’re going to want to have some length to your beard.  Whether you plan on decorating your beard with objects or painting it, you need to have a good amount of facial hair to work with.  Basically, the longer your beard, the larger your canvas, so choose your decorating choices accordingly.

Then, you want to make sure that you’re decorating your beard for appropriate events.  Don’t go to work with your beard decked out if you’re expected to maintain a look of professionalism.  But, at a game, or at home watching the game with your buddies, this look is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged.

Now, make sure that you choose your goods wisely.  For instance, if you plan on painting your beard with your team’s colors, make sure that you choose a painting product that’s safe for skin and hair.  If you’re going with dangling ornaments, make sure that they can fit snugly onto your beard without tugging on your facial hair.

Go out there and showing some real manly team spirit!