Spiking Thin vs. Thick Hair

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A lot of guys struggle to find the right hairstyle for them, and this has a lot to do with the fact that men’s magazines tend to promote extremely trendy styles that only look good on a very small number of men.  The truth is that there are universally flattering styles out there that are capable of looking great on men of any age, with any facial shape and hair type.

If you’re looking for a classic hairstyle that looks great on just about every guy, it’s the spiked look.  Now, bear in mind that there are several different ways to spike hair.  Some look more natural than others, and some are highly intricate while others are very subtle, creating that “I woke up like this” look.

So, if you want to spike your hair, you have to first determine whether your hair is thin or thick, as these two hair types require slightly different spiking techniques and products.  Whether you have your hair spiked by a barber or you want to achieve the look at home by yourself, you’re really going to need to make sure that the right product is being used as well.  We’ll be discussing how to pull off the spiked look whether you’ve got thin or thick hair, and why the styling product that you go with is so incredibly important.

Why the Spiked Look is a Great Option

Spiked hair has never really gone out of style.  It’s simply transformed over the decades to work with changing trends.  Spiking one’s hair is a great way to improve its style in a low-maintenance way.  It doesn’t require tons of time and effort as it’s simply a matter of running a styling product through the hair and using one’s fingers to create the spikes.  The spikes can be thin or thick, long or short and messy or precise, meaning that every guy can find a way to spike his hair in a way that’s uniquely flattering to him.

It’s All About the Product

If you’re going to spike your hair, it’s crucial that you choose the right product for the job.  What you need is a pomade, and one that provides enough hold to keep those spikes in place throughout the day.  The pomade must also make your hair look natural rather than crunchy and wet.  And, it’s always important to choose a pomade that contains natural ingredients that provide your hair with nutrients while keeping that style in place.

Don Juan Pomade Offers the Perfect Pomade for Everyone

The pomades at Don Juan Pomade are great for men who want to try out the spiked hair look.  We offer a range of pomades so that each hair type can look and feel its best once the style is in place.  And, we use all-natural formulas that provide hair with lots of moisture and nourishment so that the hair can actually benefit from the product while rocking a great style.  In fact, many of our customers swear by our pomades for achieving that spiked look.

Spiking Thin Hair

Now, it’s important to know that when it comes to spiking hair, the thickness of the hair plays a huge role in how the style is to be executed.  Men who have thin hair need a decent amount of help in the styling department.  This is because thin hair tends to be more limp, and therefore needs more help standing up on its own.  A pomade with a stronger hold is therefore necessary.  For thin hair, the pomade needs to be thoroughly run through the hair with one’s fingers.  Then, the fingers must twist little sections, one at a time, to create those signature spikes.

Spiking Thick Hair

Men with thicker hair can get away with a less heavy pomade, as thick hair is better at standing up on its own.  So, all that a man needs to do is run the pomade through his hair with his fingers, pulling it up and twisting it in sections in order to create spikes.

Going with the Spiked Hair Look is Never a Bad Idea

It’s low-maintenance, fast, universally flattering and great for just about any length.  Whether you have thin or thick hair, there’s a spiking method that can look absolutely fantastic on you.  Just remember that when it comes to spiking your hair, using the right pomade is key.  And, at Don Juan Pomade, we have your spiking needs covered with a wide range of high-quality pomades for every hair type and styling preference.