Top NHL Bearded Players for the 2019-20 Season

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The time has come again for us to root for our favorite NHL teams while supporting our favorite players.  This cold-weather sport never fails to keep us on the edges of our seats thanks to its intense and fast-paced nature.  And, each season always feels more cutthroat than the last, making it one of the most competitive and brutal sports to watch.

If you’re a diehard NHL fan, and also someone who happens to rock a beard, you may have noticed that this particular season gives us many awesome beards being worn by our very favorite players.  It’s hard not to have beard envy while we watch these guys look great while gliding on the ice.  But, we can actually use these amazing beards as inspiration when we’re ready to switch up our styles.

If you feel that it’s time to change your beard style, you’ve come to the right place.  The NHL boasts some of the best beards in the world, and we’ve made a list of the top five that we’ve seen so far this season.  Not only will we talk about why these beards are so great, but we will also break down the things that you need to do to achieve the same look for yourself.

#5: Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)

Ovi is one of the most recognizable players of all time, which has a lot to do with the fact that he’s astoundingly tall, and he’s undoubtedly capable of intimidating a lot of his opponents with his ice presence.  Ovechkin is a key figure in the success of the Capitals, and just watching him do his thing is always entertaining.  This is especially true now that he’s grown out his hair and grown an excellent beard.

Now, Ovi isn’t rocking a burly, long beard, but the effect his facial hair provides is great for his persona.  His long hair works great with his short beard, making him look older than 33, which is likely intentional.  His facial hair is naturally fine, which means that guys with similar beards can pull of this style really well.  All that’s necessary is letting it grow until it’s full, and then keeping it short with regular trimmings.

#4: P.K. Subban (Nashville Predators)

Predators star P.K. Subban has enjoyed ten successful years on the ice, and throughout that time, he’s been as popular off the ice as he is on.  His hockey skills are phenomenal, and they were just as good when he was playing for the Devils as they are now since he’s moved to Nashville.  Another thing that makes Subban stand out as an NHL superstar is his phenomenal beard that enhances his overall style.

Want a beard like Subban’s?  Well, you’re in luck, because this beard is incredibly easy to pull off.  Subban’s facial hair is very thick, so if yours isn’t, make sure you use a beard balm to add volume and texture.  It’s all about letting your beard grow in fully and trimming it often to keep things neat and tidy.  His beard is short, but the thickness of it makes up for the lack of length.

#3: Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars)

Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn is known for his highly competitive attitude on the ice, and his impressive career is a tribute to his amazing hockey skills.  It seems like each season, he wows us more and more.  Another thing that has given him that wow factor as of late is his beard that helps balance out his baby face.  With a round face like Benn’s, you want to rock some facial hair so that you can be taken more seriously.

Benn’s beard is a goatee in the traditional sense.  In fact, he’s had one for a while, and he’s allowed it to evolve over the years.  First, it was a very short goatee.  Now, he’s let that goatee grow in more, and he makes an effort to shave those sides so that everything looks tidy.  He also adds styling product to his mustache in order to make it look neat.  This look, as you can see, is very easy to replicate.

#2: Drew Doughty (Los Angeles Kings)

Kings player Drew Doughty is a huge NHL superstar, loved by even those who aren’t Kings fans.  His amazing skills can’t be denied by anybody, and there’s something about his personality that makes him very likable.  Additionally, he’s got a very defined personal style that’s accented by an excellent beard.

This NHL star rocks a beard that’s extremely precise and clean in terms of its shape.  To copy it, you must first let your beard grow about an inch below the chin.  Make sure that the beard has grown in fully before trimming it regularly.  Also, use clippers to create clean lines along the cheeks, and make sure that you let it be nice and full along the jaw.

#1: Joe Thornton (San Jose Sharks)

No one can deny Joe Thornton’s influence on the NHL.  This Candian-American has been in the business for a long, long time.  And, it seems like with each season, his beard becomes a little more dramatic.  With all that length, we can assume that at the very least, he stays nice and warm during his games.

To rock a beard like Joe’s, it’s really just about letting it grow, and grow, and grow.  Once you’re content with the length, you can use scissors to shape it a bit.  The key to having a long beard, after all, is giving it a neat shape so it doesn’t look too over the top.  Also, a beard oil is a must as long facial hair requires a lot of moisture.

NHL Bearded Players with True Style

These five bearded NHL players look absolutely awesome with their facial hair.  The good news is that so can you.  If you’re tired of rocking the same old beard style month after month, consider choosing one of the five guys listed above and giving your facial hair a makeover by following our expert tips.