Avoid Having Too Strong of a Beard or Hair Scent!

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August 14, 2019
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August 28, 2019

Everyone knows that a man needs to smell good just as much as he needs to look good, especially if he wants to get ahead in life and find an attractive partner. When it comes to hair and beard care products with some unique fragrances, the same rules apply. Keep in mind, the many fragrances are made with cheap ingredients that can be quite overpowering, making you smell anything but attractive.

At Don Juan Pomade, each beard oil or pomade is strong enough to add to your appeal while being subtle enough to not overwhelm the people around you.  If you wanna learn how to fragrance yourself properly without overdoing it, this guide is for you.

Stick to One Fragrance

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is layering too many fragrances on top of each other.  There are men out there who believe that overdoing it on the beard oil or pomade will make them smell better.  However, in the fragrance world, less is often more, meaning that only one cologne or body spray should be necessary if you want to smell good.

Too many competing fragrances can leave you and the people around you with nose fatigue, a phenomenon in which the olfactory glands become overwhelmed by overstimulation and stop perceiving any scents at all.

Put it On Just Enough

If you’re getting ready for a date or an important event, you want your beard and/or hair smelling their very best.  But, drowning yourself in beard oil, or spreading to much pomade or clay right before you leave can mean that when you interact with people, the smell is simply overwhelming.  We all know that scents fade the longer you wear them, which is why it’s best to put to do these about a half hour before you walk out the door.  This way, your scent will have mellowed out by the time you have to be around others.

Go for Quality

There are lots of cheap products out there as we mentioned earlier that use low-quality ingredients that are incredibly strong.  Going for quality ensures your beard and hair are healthy while still being styled properly.

Consider Other Scents You May Have On

Remember that lots of products that we use every day have fragrances in them.  Consider your shampoo, your face wash and your hand lotion.  If these products have particularly strong scents, they’ll likely clash with the beard oil or pomade being used.  So, if you can, stick to one fragrance at a time.

The Right Scent Matters

While smelling good is important, have products that are overpowering can be quite detrimental. The Right bearded and hair scents can go a long way when it comes to overall men’s grooming.