Best Types of Hairstyles for Tattooed Men

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July 21, 2019
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Tattoos were once thought of as a passing fad, but we now know that ink is here to stay.  More and more men are choosing to express themselves by getting tatted up, and these days, tattoos aren’t just reserved for rebellious kids.  Tattoos have become an art form, and we can’t get enough of the elaborate and diverse styles that we’re seeing these days.

Any man who rocks tattoos knows how they change his overall personal style.  Tattoos inevitably create a more edgy image, and so a man must know how to dress and groom himself in order to complement this look rather than work against it.

One of the most important things that a tattooed man has to pay attention to is his hair.  Hair, just like a tattoo, says a lot about who a man is, and helps complete the first impression that he’s trying to give.

What to Choose?

So, what kind of hairstyle should you rock in order to enhance your ink?  Below are some of our favorites.

The Undercut

The undercut is quickly becoming an extremely popular hairstyle because of how it’s both edgy and flattering.  It’s short, which means that it’s easy to maintain, and yet it allows for several styling possibilities.  It involves super short sides and a back, while the top is kept relatively long.  The top can be slicked back or even turned into a pomp depending on what mood you’re in on any given day.  And, those tattoos will enhance the look perfectly.

The Mid Fade

The mid fade is one of the most universally flattering styles there is, and it’s great for the tattooed gentleman.  It’s neither too edgy nor too pretty, which means that it acts as a blank canvas against your tattoos while still looking modern and sophisticated.  The sides are very short, and gradually things get longer and longer until you get to the top.  Making the midpoint the temples helps keep balance and symmetry.

The Pompadour

Did the pompadour ever really go out of style?  We’re particular fans of this look, especially the ways in which it’s evolved over recent years.  Essentially, with this hairstyle, the top is left pretty long, and the sides and back are cut short, but not too short.  This allows you to use a generous amount of pomade to poof up and slick back the top.  It’s great for tattooed guys, especially ones who are rocking more retro-inspired ink.

The Quiff

The quiff is a lot like a pompadour, but it looks a little less intentional.  It’s sort a bedhead-inspired look that looks attractive without making it look like you’re trying too hard.  If you’re rocking tattoos, this look is excellent, because it adds to the sort of effortless confidence that you’ve already achieved with your ink.  With this look, the sides and back are kept short while the top is grown out, and then pomade is used to sort of carelessly texturize the top and puff it upwards and out.

The Slicked Back

The slicked back is another classic look that will probably never go out of style, and we especially love it on guys with retro-inspired tats like pinup girls and sailor imagery.  That’s because this look is so 1950s-inspired.  To achieve this look, keep the sides and back short but not too short, and keep the top fairly long.  Then, apply pomade to the top of your hair and use a comb to slick it all back toward the crown of your head.

Long and Curly

Now, its time to get into long hair.  If you have naturally thick, curly hair, maybe you just want to let it grow.  This can help give you an edgier and more masculine look that can work great with more intricate and bold tattoos.  With long and curly hair, you still have to trim it regularly to avoid those split ends.  And, make sure that you layer it wisely so that you don’t end up with pyramid hair.

Long and Straight

Long and straight hair reminds us of the rock stars of the 70s, and it can work great with men who wear tattoos inspired by this era in time.  Just let that hair grow and grow, and make sure that you keep it well conditioned so that it looks smooth rather than frizzy.  And, again, staying on top of those split ends with a regular trim is very important.

Long and Parted

If you want to put a unique spin on the long hairstyle, try out a side part that’s a bit closer to the temple.  This will give your hair shape, and will help you look impeccably cool while you rock your tattoos.

Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down look is becoming more and more trendy as the year goes on, especially among tatted gentleman.  For some reason, the combination of this hairstyle and full sleeves of ink is absolutely irresistible.  It creates a deeply masculine image without looking, well, scary.  And, the look allows you to enjoy having long hair without getting strands in your face throughout the day.


Braided hair requires a lot of confidence to pull off, but if you’re rocking tattoos, you probably already have that confidence.  Braiding also requires time and maintenance, so keep that in mind before attempting this style.

Top Knot

You can’t go wrong with a top knot if you have long hair.  It lets you rock beautiful, long hair while keeping it off of your arms so that your ink can really shine.  Just remember that in order to have a neat and tidy top knot, your hair needs to be conditioned regularly.  Otherwise, you’ll just have a frizzy bun sitting on top of your head.

Style Your Way!

If you’re a guy who has tattoos, try out any of the hairstyles above.  These are the most sought-after styles of the year, and with your tattoos, you’ll be able to take them to a whole new level.