3 Reasons to Purchase the Don Juan Sailor Ultimate Beard Care Kit

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February 10, 2019
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February 20, 2019

Are you ready to take your beard game to a whole new level?  Our Don Juan Sailor Ultimate Beard Care Kit helps you grow and maintain an impeccable beard, ensuring that you’ll be the envy of many.  This fantastic kit consists of our Mr. Beard Grow capsules, our Beard Wash and our Sailor Beard Oil.  Between these three products, your facial hair will be softer, healthier and more abundant than ever before.  And, you’ll smell amazing.

You’ll Smell Incredible All-Day Long

Our Sailor Beard Oil boasts a uniquely intoxicating fragrance that comes from high-quality essential oils.  The combination of clove and tangerine creates a spicy, citrus and sweet aroma that you’ll savor all day long.  Because we use essential oils to create our fragrances, you won’t have to worry about the scent fading before lunchtime.  These oils cling to the facial hair without being overpowering in any way.  Plus, these two essential oils are known for soothing skin irritation.

Your Beard Will Look Healthier than Ever

Each of the products in the Don Juan Sailor Ultimate Beard Care Kit were specially formulated to make your beard as healthy as can be.  Our Beard Wash gently strips away any dirt and oil that’s making your facial hair look dull and unhappy.  Our Sailor Beard Oil coats each strand with deeply hydrating ingredients, allowing it to be softer and shinier than ever while eliminating irritation of the skin.  And, lastly, our top-selling Mr. Beard Grow capsules contain biotin, a nutrient that has been proven to boost the growth rate of facial hair.

Your Beard Will Love Our All-Natural Formulas

At Don Juan Pomade, we don’t play around with the health of your beard.  Our formulas are totally natural, consisting of plant-based ingredients that are full of nutrients and aren’t harsh whatsoever.  You can say goodbye to irritating synthetic fragrances and harsh cleansing agents that rob your beard of moisture.

For instance, our Sailor Beard Oil hydrates each strand with a blend of jojoba oil, squalane, coconut oil and other plant-based moisturizing agents.  Meanwhile, our Mr. Beard Grow capsules boast a completely vegan formula.

Pick Up the Don Juan Sailor Ultimate Beard Care Kit Today!

Your beard deserves only the very best.  Our Don Juan Sailor Ultimate Beard Care Kit has all of your beard’s needs covered.