Can The Colder Weather Affect Your Hair?

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February 5, 2019
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February 15, 2019

If you’ve been noticing that your beard is looking a little less lively than usual this winter, you’re far from alone.  As it turns out, winter weather is extremely harsh on our facial hair.  Between the intense dryness of the air, the harsh wind and those random spikes in humidity before snow starts to fall, winter is no friend to your beard.

For men trying to figure out how to protect your beard against winter weather, you’re in luck.  We know exactly what your beard needs to look and feel its very best all winter long.

Windy Days Mean More Tangles and Irritation

Believe it or not, those aggressively windy days are capable of making your beard more tangled than normal.  The constant friction between facial hairs can cause annoying knots to develop.

Strong wind can also wreak havoc on your beard game by blowing gusts of extremely dry air onto your face, resulting in severe skin irritation beneath your facial hair.  This can result in dry skin flakes that get into your beard.

Dry, Cold Air Can Dehydrate Your Facial Hair

Those sudden drops in temperature can also cause your beard to become unhealthy.  Incredibly dry air and low temperatures strip your facial hair of much-needed moisture, making it more likely to develop split ends.  Besides, dry facial hair looks dull, unkempt and generally damaged.

That Pre-Snowstorm Humidity Spike Can Give You a Major Case of Frizz

Right before a snowstorm hits, the humidity spikes.  If your facial hair has adjusted to dry winter air, that spike in humidity can seriously throw off your beard.  Typically, a sudden spike in humidity causes a beard to become frizzy and dry.

Keeping Your Beard Guarded Against Harsh Winter Weather: Hydration is Key

It’s absolutely crucial that you keep your beard and skin moisturized during the winter season.  A good-quality beard oil can get you through the dry, cold air and those harsh gusts of wind.  Because dry air and wind strip your facial hair of moisture, you need to double up on your beard oil in order to compensate.

We always recommend that you go for a beard oil that’s made with plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients.  This will feed your beard what it needs in order to be protected against harsh winter weather.  Opt for something that contains nourishing oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil as these are two ingredients that are especially renowned for giving your beard lots of hydration.

Maintain a Healthy, Luscious Beard All Winter Long

Although winter can be pretty tough on your beard, a plant-based, high-quality beard oil can keep your facial hair looking and feeling great through the springtime months.