How Much Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade 4oz Should You Use in Your Hair?

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August 15, 2018
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At Don Juan Pomade, our Hair Grease Pomade continues to be a hugely popular product. Made from natural, plant-derived ingredients, this pomade is full of ingredients that nourish the hair on a deep level. Plus, it’s highly versatile, capable of enhancing a wide range of hair types and style preferences.

However, it’s important to know how much Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade to use during your daily styling session. Too much pomade can leave your hair limp, greasy and dirty-looking. Too little pomade, on the other hand, won’t help you achieve the style that you’re going for. Fortunately for you, we’ve created a simple guide to determining the right amount of pomade for your unique hair.

Your Hair Type

Your hair type greatly determines the amount of Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade needed in order for you to achieve the look that you’re going for. If your hair is fine and straight, you don’t need a whole lot to enhance your style.

On the other hand, if you have coarser, thicker hair or hair that’s very curly, you’ll need a bit more pomade. That’s because this type of hair is more prone to dryness, meaning that it will absorb the pomade more quickly. Plus, thicker hair requires more pomade simply because your hair has more surface area to cover.

The Length of Your Hair

It should go without saying that the length of your hair has a lot to do with how much pomade is required. If you have very short hair, a small dab of pomade is probably all that you need. However, if you have long hair, you might find that a good deal of pomade is required in order to help you achieve your ideal style.

What You’re Trying to Achieve

If you’re trying to simply tame some frizz or prevent static from creating flyaway strands, a little bit of pomade is all that you need. However, if you’re going for a specific look, you’ll want to use some more in order to give your hair the texture required to style it properly.

Start Small

Always start with a small amount of pomade and add a little more as you go. This way, you can slowly monitor the level of greasiness as you go.

Start Over

If you accidentally apply too much pomade to your hair, you can simply rinse it out with water and start over. Our Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade washes out with water easily.

Now You Know How Much To Use

Our Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade is a widely popular product that can dramatically enhance your hair’s appearance if used properly. This guide will ensure that you use the proper amount in order to achieve the perfect style.