Vegas Show 2018 – Get Don Juan Pomade Ready!

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April 10, 2018
Hitting The Road in Style to Barber Fest 2018
April 18, 2018

Last year, swarms of dapper gentlemen found themselves enticed by the Don Juan lifestyle at last year’s show. Equipped with two retro barber chairs, a team of grooming experts and all of the Don Juan Pomade products that we could fit in our cases, we watched with joy as men from all around the world found out what makes Don Juan Pomade products so unique and special.

While last year’s show was a roaring success, we’re not done showing the world what we have to offer. This year, we’re going to take our booth to the next level with brand new products that are specially formulated to make maintaining your beard, hair and complexion easier and more effective than ever.

New Products

This year, our bags will be packed with plenty of new products that we’re eager to share. These products are all created with natural, organic ingredients. You’ll instantly notice the superior quality of Don Juan Pomade products as you sit in one of our vintage-inspired barber chairs and let our team of professional groomers take care of you.

One of the most exciting products that we’ll be bringing to the desert is the Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade. Made with beeswax and lanolin, this all-natural hair pomade provides your hair with a metallic shine and a super strong hold. Scented with organic citrus essential oils, this pomade is all that you need to master your favorite hairstyle.

Our Blackout Pomade is another product that we can’t wait to share with you. Floral extracts and jojoba oil make this pomade extremely nourishing for all kinds of hair types. Natural ingredients allow this product to give your hair a dark tint that can easily be washed out with shampoo. This special pomade offers a medium level of shine and a firm hold.

We’re equally excited to demonstrate our newest accessories. A wide range of combs allow you to groom and style to perfection. All of our accessories are built to last and boast timeless style.

Are You Ready?

If you take grooming seriously, don’t miss this year’s Viva Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll be able to explore our product range and enjoy a full grooming session from our team of Don Juan Pomade experts.