A Man’s Hairstyle Battle: Spiking Thin Hair vs. Thicker Hair

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February 14, 2021
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February 28, 2021
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Any man who has been alive for more than a couple of decades knows that men’s hairstyles are constantly coming and going, and after a while, trying to chase each passing trend can be exhausting.  That’s why most men reach a point where they decide they want to go with a simpler, timeless look that’s easy to maintain and isn’t going to look dated thanks to its classic nature.

One of the most universally flattering and timeless looks of all is the spiked hairstyle.  Now, as you probably know, there are lots of different ways to rock this look.  Some guys go for more pronounced, precise spikes, while others like to choose a more natural look.  Whichever spikey style you want to achieve, there are two things that are always important.  These would be the product you use, and whether you’ve thick or thin hair.

As you will see, men with both types of hair can easily achieve this iconic look.

Spiked Hair: A Universally Flattering Look

Wearing a spiked hair style is never a bad idea, regardless of your age or hair type.  That’s because it’s considered timeless, which means that it’s been around for so long that it won’t look dated, as though you’re trying to mimic a trend that died out recently.  Additionally, because there are so many different ways to spike your hair, a guy with any hair type or face shape can look great with this style.

Using the Right Pomade Makes All the Difference

Now, if you’re going to show off your hair in a spiked look, you need the right product.  After all, it’s the product that is giving you those spikes and ensuring that they last all day long.  A cheap, low-quality product will leave your hair looking too crunchy, or it simply won’t hold those spikes in place.

At Don Juan Pomade, our pomade formula is perfect for this classic hairstyle for a couple of key reasons:

  • Offers great hold and styling possibilities due to the ingredients that we use.
  • Our pomade formula is made with all-natural ingredients that do so much more than help you achieve a cool style.  These ingredients actually improve the health of your hair and scalp while holding your look in place.

How to Spike Thin Hair

Thin hair is a bit trickier to spike, because thin hair is less likely to want to stand up due to the fact that it does not have a lot of body or strength.  This is why guys who have thin hair will need to apply more pomade than guys to have thick hair.

To pull off this look, rub a liberal amount of pomade between your palms.  Then, run it through your hair, using your fingers to comb out individual spikes before lifting them up beyond the crown of the head.

How to Spike Thick Hair

If your hair is naturally thick, you can get away with using a little less pomade, although you will need to experiment with different amounts until you find what works.  Once you’ve gotten the right amount of pomade, follow the same steps above.

Rock That Spikey Looking Hairstyle Today!

Whether your hair is thick or thin, you can rock that spiky look effortlessly simply by using the right pomade.  As long as your pomade is made with the proper formula, you can pull off this look in a matter of minutes and know that it will last throughout the day.  And, at Don Juan Pomade, we have the right pomades for the job.