10 Things Don Juan Pomade’s Hair Pomades are Good for

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Don Juan Pomade offers a wide range of pomade formulas for men’s hair.  Our formulas are made with high-quality, plant-based ingredients that don’t just allow men’s styling needs to be met, but also provide the hair and scalp with plenty of natural nourishment.  Our pomade formulas range in terms of shine level and hold level, and we offer both wax-based and water-based options so that men can choose the right option for them based on their natural hair type.

What Our Pomades Are Tailored to When It Comes to Men’s Hair

If you’ve never tried pomade before, you might be wondering what it can do for your hair.  So, we’ve made a list of the various ways in which a pomade from Don Juan Pomade can take your look to a whole new level.

#1: Short Hair

Men with short hair can benefit from using one of our pomades by providing texture that makes the overall hair appear fuller and thicker.  Our pomades contain moisturizing ingredients that naturally offer volume when applied using texturizing methods.  Our pomade can also smooth down hair so that the appearance is tame and tidy.

#2: Long Hair

Guys who have long hair can also get in on the pomade action.  Long hair is prone to frizz, breakage and dullness, which can make it appear messy and unruly.  For guys with long hair, applying an even amount of pomade to hair while it’s still wet can ensure that once it’s dry, it appears smooth, shiny and frizz-free.  Simply scoop some pomade out of the jar, rub it between your palms and run your palms along your hair.  Then, comb it thoroughly to make sure that it’s evenly distributed.

#3: Mid-Length Hair

Don’t worry if you’ve got mid-length hair – pomade can still benefit you.  Like those with long hair, guys who have mid-length hair can benefit from applying pomade evenly throughout wet hair.  Again, this will keep the hair looking tame, smooth and overall healthy.  Use the same method described above to use pomade to your advantage.

#4: Multi-Textured Hair

Many men will tell you about the struggle of having multi-textured hair.  What this means is that different areas of the hair have different curl patterns.  This hair type is notoriously difficult to manage, as the result is that different parts of the hair have different amounts of volume, which don’t work together to produce a cohesive look.

But applying our pomade can actually help men with this hair type.  Pomade can be used for styling purposes, to style different areas of the hair to help create one consistent texture.

#5: Straight Hair

There’s a myth that pomade shouldn’t be applied to straight hair, because it will make it look greasy.  Well, this simply isn’t true, assuming you’re using the right formula.  Our water-based formulas are great for men with straight hair, as they’re non-greasy, and much more lightweight.  You can use one of these pomades to style your hair without causing it to lose volume due to heavy ingredients.

#6: Curly Hair

Men with curly hair tend to love our wax-based pomades, as they have the heaviness needed to keep those curls tame.  If you want your curls to be more defined, then you can scrunch our pomade into hair while it’s still wet.  This will keep each curl looking smooth, which makes hair look healthier and tidier.  Further, curly hair is naturally more prone to dryness, and so our pomade is ideal for this hair type, as it provides moisture thanks to plant-based oils and butters.

#7: Calming Frizz

Frizz is the enemy of any man with naturally curly, coarse or thick hair.  Any guy with this hair type will tell you that the humid days of summer are a nightmare, as the hair becomes uncontrollable.  The good news is that applying some pomade to the hair while it’s still wet will help fend off frizz.  Applying it while wet ensures that the pomade coats every strand evenly, which introduces an ample amount of moisture into each hair so that the humidity doesn’t leave it looking frazzled.

#8: Slicking Down Hair

Whether you’re growing your hair out or just transitioning between lengths, the ability to slick your hair back really comes in handy.  In fact, some guys just prefer slicking that hair back in general, as it has a retro look that helps tie together a particular personal style.  Well, there’s no easier way to pull the look off than to use good old pomade.  Pomade was made for this style, as it helps keep hair in place all day long.  All that you need to do is scoop the pomade into your hand and comb it into the hair while positioning it straight back, toward the crown of your head.

#9: Scalp Health

We’ve talked a lot about using pomade to style hair and improve its overall aesthetics.  But we haven’t gotten into the health aspect.  Our pomades aren’t just formulated to make your hair look better.  They contain ingredients specially selected for maintaining maximum scalp health as well.

The health of the scalp matters tremendously if you want to keep your hair looking healthy for a long time to come.  For one thing, the follicles require nutrients in order to function properly and continue to produce healthy, new hairs.  Further, many men suffer from dandruff, a condition caused by inflammation of the scalp.  Our pomades are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that come from plant-based ingredients, to tame dandruff so that you can no longer feel embarrassed about this condition.  Plus, our pomade is deeply moisturizing, which can help calm irritation that makes the scalp itchy.

#10: Hair Health

And finally, Don Juan Pomade’s hair pomades can improve the overall condition of your hair.  So many of us suffer from dry, damaged or unmanageable hair, due to poor general hair health.  Our hair requires lots of moisture and adequate nutrients in order to look and feel its very best.  We use some of the best ingredients that mother nature has to offer to fully hydrate each strand and supply it with ample nutrition.  The result is hair that’s softer, shinier, smoother and easier to manage.

We’ve Crafted Exceptionally Formulated Pomades Meant for All Kinds of Men’s Hair-related Needs

As you can see, the right pomade can do it all, from smoothing down frizz to helping you achieve a stylized look.  And, all the while, our pomade will boost your hair’s health.  Choose a pomade formula that’s right for you and discover what all of the hype is about.