Dry or Wet Pomade, You Decide!

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April 21, 2020
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When it comes to styling one’s hair, every man has a different look in mind.  Some men prefer a simple, laidback style that makes it appear as though they have put no effort into styling whatsoever.  Other guys opt for architectural looks that require a lot of time and effort to pull off each day.

There’s another factor that must be taken into consideration when it comes to styling your hair, and it’s the shine level.  Pomade formulas can either provide hair with a shiny finish or a matte look, and neither one is objectively better than the other.  Some guys find that matte suits them better, while others live for that glossy finish that catches the light.

Which Pomade to Select

Today, we’ll be comparing the two so that you can choose the perfect pomade formula for yourself at Don Juan Pomade.

Matte Pomade

If you’re looking for a matte look, you’ll find plenty of matte pomades at Don Juan Pomade.  Matte formulas are less attention-grabbing, because they don’t have that reflective shine that catches the light.  They’re also more natural-looking, as few men naturally have a strong shine to their hair.  Matte formulas typically contain clay, which helps absorb oils that can produce shine.  They’re effective at styling the hair, just like any good pomade formula.  And, bear in mind that a matte pomade isn’t drying.

Matte pomade can be used more liberally as well, typically speaking, because the matte look doesn’t accumulate like shine-enhancing ingredients do.  We think that a matte pomade is a better pomade for beginners, because sometimes the shine factor can be a bit jarring to guys who have never used any kind of styling product before.

Also, note that neither matte formulas nor shine formulas from Don Juan Pomade cause the hair to flake and become crunchy.

Shine Pomade

Shine pomade is for the guy who wants to have a shiny look to his hair.  Shine tends to reflect health, so it’s no surprise that this is a popular option.  Further, shine formulas are great for guys who love that retro look, from the days when pomades were greasier formulas.

At Don Juan Pomade, we know that every guy is different, and therefore has a different look in mind that he wishes to pull off with the help of our formulas.  That’s why we offer different shine levels.  This way, you can control how much your hair reflects the light.

Our shine formulas utilize natural ingredients that increase the glossiness of the hair without making it feel oily or weighed down.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry that our shine formulas will make your hair heavier or greasier than our matte formulas.

Choice is Yours!

If you’re interested in starting a pomade routine, you need to take into consideration the shine level that you’re looking to achieve.  Both matte and shine formulas offer unique advantages that can take your hairstyle to the next level.  But, each guy has his own preferences, so ask yourself what yours is and choose your pomade accordingly.